TalentBlvd, the Alternative.

TalentBlvd Introduction

Talent Management is changing, forever. Our practice focuses on changes and shifts in industries and business models to help talent develop timeless lifetime skill sets.  In traditional broadcast news for example, roles are now multimedia focused with a strong emphasis on digital content creation. Positions are changing, jobs are being eliminated, traditional broadcast skills are less relevant.


The goal is to provide an all-inclusive suite of personalized services for a small monthly subscription that allows Organizations and Talent to reach higher and farther at a fraction of the cost of traditional industry consulting firms. The company is guided by a team of media professionals who provide leadership and insights into best practices and trends.

Clients receive one-on-one coaching to improve their on-camera performance and make exceptional demo reels and resumes. We then pitch our rock stars to posted open positions across the top 100 markets in the US and Canada.

Award Winning. Affordable. This is TalentBlvd

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