Arion Ford

Not only is he a passionate journalist, Arion has the personality to go right along with it. A television multi- media journalist, Arion has covered stories in the Midwest and the South. He interned at WANDTV in Decatur, IL and the CNN headquarters in Atlanta. This dynamic story-teller has the ability to hook the viewer and/or the reader in, waiting to hear more.


Arion attended Lindenwood University where he was one the college news stations’ reporters/anchors. He’s covered political campaign rallies, high school and college events, and community events. He also covered the events that occurred during the Ferguson Unrest, connecting with and learning from other journalists across the globe, while also connecting with the people of that community. Arion was also featured on renowned dog trainer, Cesar Millan’s television show “Dog Nation” where Cesar was able to help him understand how to live in harmony with his anxious dog.


In his spare time, Arion enjoys spending time with family and friends, exercising, walking the dog, journaling, reading a good book, going to concerts and traveling.