Workplace Bullying....An Engaging Facebook Live Session

Spent the morning with Pat McGonigle at KSDK in St Louis this morning talking about Workplace Bullying, a very hot topic around employee engagement. As a corporate mentor and coach that past 20 years, I've seen a lot of difficult situations and people. Pat shares his research on the topic and I'm able to provide some real world color and advice. For those that haven't seen Pat's work, it's best in class and he is one of the premier storytellers in the broadcast news world today. I've always enjoyed my time with Pat for a couple reasons; not only is he a multimedia pro that is extremely likable and always approachable, but he's a pretty cool cat. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter here: htt

Are You Going Where Your Career Could Be Or To Where It's Been?

In light of the events at ESPN yesterday, thought it was a relevant reminder to post this article I wrote last month. It and many more on topic can be found here on my LinkedIn profile, at, or at our talent and career management company page “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it’s been” One of the best quotes from the great one, Wayne Gretsky. Are you skating to where your career is going to be or are you stuck in where it's been? Below is an article written in March 2017 with a link to some Jared Lindzon insights on the job market in 2017 but more importantly, 5 things that could be important to managing your career in transition

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.

~ Ayn Rand. Great #wdnesdaywisdom quote from Ayn Rand. A best-selling author, she carried her message to university classrooms, to Hollywood, to Congress, to the editorial page, to talk shows and radio programs. Her presence has only increased since her death in 1982. She has inspired this mornings post because determination, focus, and grit are going to be keys to your career success. I've put together 5 things that need to be guiding principals in the management of your career, and your career is something that is managed! This is a 5 minute read important to the next 5 years of your career. 1. If you wake up everyday thinking you are going to be discovered, you're not. Budget time. Its an

Done. Can't Do It Anymore....What's Next? Your Own Gig? See This First

I hear it almost everyday. "I can't take it anymore". The 3 and Out's are getting old. The hotter, younger, cheaper are given more and more opportunities to take the stage and it leaves you questioning the business and your place. Have you considered starting your own gig? Check out this 2016 article we wrote on our recent experiences with a new breed of entrepreneur .... "Millennials in the Basement" Today's Entrepreneur...Millennials in the Basement It's lonely. The forces around you are telling you to conform, find a job, how long are you going to live in your parent's basement? You have a dream, a vision, that dream becomes a demon. You can't shake it. You can't sleep. Everyone tells y

Today The Day You Are Going To Be Discovered?

Dependencies. Sometimes your career progression, and many other things in your life, can be about understanding the dependencies. As I coach and mentor young talent, I find that the toolkit and brand as well as the lack of focus on the dependencies are some of the biggest obstacles to career progression. In some cases, even starting the first chapter. A couple of the killers: Short or empty toolbox. You can't build anything without tools. Strive for perfection kills flexibility, agility, opportunity. It's said that the need for perfection is the enemy of good enough. Trade short term opportunity for long term runway. The career pyramid isn't narrow and skinny, its broad, wide and strong. Its

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