Today is Day ONE! Are You Going Where Your Career Could Be or To Where It's Been?

In light of recent events in the professional life and career of a client, thought it was a relevant reminder to post this article. This article It and many more on topic can be found here on my LinkedIn profile, at, or at our talent and career management company page “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it’s been” One of the best quotes from the great one, Wayne Gretsky. Are you skating to where your career is going to be or are you stuck in where it's been? Below is an article written in March 2017 with a link to some Jared Lindzon insights on the job market in 2017 but more importantly, 5 things that could be impor

Experience Is Simply The Name We Give Our Mistakes (and we all make mistakes)

image: TMZ It’s not the mistakes that defines us, it’s the resulting course correction. On this very early Tuesday morning, I reflect back to a blog post mash up with Deepak Chopra outlining four of our biggest career mistakes …… Four Biggest Career Mistakes and How To Avoid Them: For those I have coached or mentored, this will be a broken record or an important reminder worth a review. Couple years ago I found a terrific blog from Deepak Chopra in which he outlines what he believes to be the three biggest career mistakes one can make. I frequently coach young talent on two of these three and have added a fourth, and the fourth is what I believe to be the biggest mistake of all. I’d like to

Two Keys To Every Successful Interview

Whether it's an important job interview or you are being interviewed by a multimedia professional for a story, there are two things that I always coach my clients to be keenly aware of. In fact, just yesterday I had the opportunity to take one of my Advisory Board members through a quick interview prep. If the term "Behavioral Interview" is new to you, Google it and get up to speed. Now clearly there are more than two things that make up a successful interview but I find these two to be 75% of the battle when I'm coaching a qualified candidate. Given that everyone that makes it to a live interview is assumed to be qualified, your image and delivery is what will set you apart or make you memo

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