Your Career: Living on 3 Levels

Unless you are an entrepreneur and/or self-employed, regardless of where you work and what you do, you are living out your career on three levels. Although this is common sense, it's not consistently practiced. In fact, the higher in the organization you are, the less you see it practiced. What are the three levels? Up, At, and Below. Above/Up: These are positions senior to you. Managing at this level is about adaptation and what some would call 'politics'. Some of the things we do to successfully manage at this level could be are: Compromise. We will need to make compromises. Sometimes this includes principals and personal morals and values. Important, I'm not talking about activities or is

Career Winter is Coming .....

Listen kid, the 'Smile States' are where it's at! If you are in career transition, graduating, or found your contract not renewed, it's time to think relo. So where? Seriously, the 'winter' in your career could be right around the corner. It makes sense that opportunities will follow people. The more eyeballs, ears, and mouths in a market, the more opportunity literally in almost every industry. Population growth has been migrating south for years but also to the right and left coasts as well. These growth patterns have created the 'Smile States'. For more color, check out this quick read on a father's advice to a son graduating from Mizzou:

Your Life: a test you didn't study for.

Originally published on LinkedIn - July 26, 2017 We've put together 5 things that need to be guiding principals in the management of your career, and your career is something that is managed! This is a 5 minute read important to the next 5 years of your career. 1. If you wake up everyday thinking you are going to be discovered, you're not. Budget time. Its an investment and not a part time job. Your career requires ALL of your attention. Look, we all strive for a healthy work/life balance but while you are playing and sleeping someone is prepping to take your right or left side chair. Budget your time across rest, exercise, and work wisely. 2. Make an assumption that everything you see is in

(Market) Size Doesn't Matter

Same company. Same programming. Exact same moment in time. One is a top 10 market, the other top 25 market. The larger market is exactly 2x the size in terms of population. The top 10 market had ten times LESS online viewers than a market half the size. There are three groups of people that need to be very concerned with the photo below. First, if you are an advertisers, especially producing content for the online streaming audience and you've paid DMA ranked rates, well you might want to renegotiate that deal. Secondly, and should be the most apparent, the general management of the station has got a big problem to deal with given trends and future revenue opportunities. The third impacted p

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