my TV career be like .......

If you are in your 20's or early 30's, you won't retire from TV broadcast news. If you are paying others 8% to find work in a contracting industry and you aren't getting transferable job skills in return, you must ask why. If you have student loans to pay off your j-school education, you owe it to yourself, your parents, and your bank to make sure you can adapt to changes in the marketplace and thrive. You will ultimately be 'adulting' 24/7 because it will no longer be optional. Uh, this isn't limited to just the on-camera talent. This is the industry, the supply chain top to bottom. It will ultimately work it's way back to the secondary education eco-system, the j-schools and universities.

own it. eom

"The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance." This #WednesdayWisdom quote from Nathaniel Branden. I might add steps three and four here. Three being 'accountability' and four is 'action'. We all excel at step four. Step one seems to be a blind spot for many. It's steps two and three where all the heavy lifting occurs. One of the pieces of my private practice focuses on crisis management. Crisis, when it occurs in a career, is brutal. We attach our entire psyche to our work and our role in particular so when changes occur at work, many of us can't detach our personal from our profession. Guilty! I've been there a number of times. Found myself in a dark place beca

Considering you tell stories for a living, you suck a little bit at telling your own.

Yep, that's what I said .... Considering you tell stories for a living, you suck a little bit at telling your own. Just saying when you are 'thin sliced' in a 3 second first impression and get a 1 minute intro, you've gotta crush it! Here's how ..... The 3 second 'thin slicing' is how scientists define your first impression. Its all image - clothes, hair, posture, but most importantly, your facial impression. WARNING: You aren't going to like this... 8 things people decide in their thin slice of you ! Now, the 1 minute intro ...... "Hi Susan, my name is Mike McNamara and I'm a C-Suite level executive with 30 years experience in 6 different industries. I excel at breaking down really complica

The. Worst. Advice. EVER!

So this email shows up in my Inbox on Monday morning........... I can't think of any worse advice for a job seeker or someone in career transition. There is WAY too much at stake and happening at year end. Contracts expire. Open Enrollment for Healthcare. Budgets are reset on Jan 1 and Open Requisitions are filled. Employers are actively recruiting candidate now! Yes, the interview process will be slowed because of holiday availability but seriously, do you want another candidate setting the baseline you'll be measured against? Once you set a solid foundation, resume, LinkedIn, reel, and web presence is ready, you NEVER take your foot off the gas. My clients are charging hard and you do

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