Ugh, it's Monday morning again .....

It's another Monday morning. You couldn't sleep last night because you are thinking about the week ahead. You are basically miserable. You feel unappreciated, your manager doesn't have the tools, training, or resources to help you even if they would be so inclined. If you are being honest with yourself, it's probably time to start thinking career transition. A new position, company, even different industry. Maybe not a complete change but at a minimum, it's time for you to focus on something more rewarding and fulfilling before your spirit is completely crushed. There is literally nothing from stopping you from finding fulfillment except YOU. In fact, the reward you may be looking for isn't

You Want to Move Up? Well Some Career Doors You Push, Some You Pull.

Doors - some you have to push, some you have to pull. It's exactly the same with your career and you need to be managing both. In order for you to create upward mobility in your career, the move up is going to require a keen sense of when to push or when to pull. The push in your career comes from talent, ambition and initiative. Common sense says if you do a great job in your role and work hard that you will have an opportunity to move up or gain more responsibility right? The answer is maybe. One of the keys to the 'push' beyond exceptional job performance is that you are going to need help from your manager or others responsible for overseeing your wok in that current role. Your manager i

"You need to make a commitment, and once you make it, then life will give you some answers.&quo

"You need to make a commitment, and once you make it, then life will give you some answers." Unless you get all in, you'll never really know. There are 4 characteristics of those that know, that have answers: 1. They listen to their voice, the voice that lets us know not only our passions but also our differentiators. 2. They take faithful steps toward that commitment and have a bias toward action. 3. They never give up. Their life and work are a trail littered with blood, sweat, and tears. It takes grit and perseverance. 4. They live with uncommon clarity. They 'see' it. They are the writer, director, and producer of their own movie. In summary, if you want the answers you've got to be

"A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it."

"A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it." Given a new market/job opportunity, if you don't create change and reinvent yourself, you have already seen your destiny. When we take a new road changing roles and/or move to a different organization or market, we have an unique opportunity to reinvent ourselves. This is a time to dump the baggage you've been carrying and make some course correction. Three simple things to keep top of mind: 1. Reinvention. Ditch the baggage, you are no longer hostage to the past. What do you want your legacy to be? You have a clean slate. Use a 'stop, start, continue' methodology as a framework. 2. Get to Know Yourself. Your personality tr

Your Brand, Timeless or Timed Out?

Your Brand, Timeless or Timed Out? You are probably measuring your brand equity by the number of followers you have or the 'likes' you get on Facebook or Instagram, right? Certainly popularity is important in branding because it is a statement about your CURRENT relevancy but for those in the public eye like reporters/anchors, actors/actresses, musicians/singers/DJ's, or author and film makers, it can be very fleeting. Branding for the business executive is probably the single most underdeveloped tool the their career toolbox. They have a tendency to rely solely on the quantitative (their P&L) and ignore the qualitative (engagement). To build a Timeless Brand, consider managing the converg

"We are all tied together in a single garment of destiny …."

When I spend time with young multimedia talents, business executives, sales leaders, or anyone that depends upon public speaking, we will reach a point in our curriculum on connecting with an audience or a client. Every story told creates a movie in the head of our listeners. Our goal as a storyteller is to make sure we are all watching the same movie. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was one of history's greatest orators because not only did he understand the importance of connecting with his audience and create that movie, he knew how to inspire us. He knew that his ability to connect, to weave thoughts into an inspirational story was key to changing destiny. He knew: Our Thoughts lead to Action,

(Market) Size Doesn't Matter

Since 1946 it's been beaten into the media professional that the key to industry success is moving up market. The annual DMA ranking has become the bellwether for stature and salary for 70 years. BUT, be careful because there are winds of change. Although there are many experts predicting the impending demise of broadcast television, change is slow because in this case, the dinosaurs are staying one step ahead of extinction ..... but the gap is getting smaller and smaller. Below is this week's #tbt from TalentBlvd, Oct 2017: Same company. Same programming. Exact same moment in time. One is a top 10 market, the other is not. The larger market is exactly 2x the size in terms of population. The

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