I Spent 3 Days with 10 Millennials. This Is What I Learned About Our Future.........

I was honored to receive an invitation to my son's bachelor party last weekend. After spending three days with ten Millennial men, this is what I learned about our future: The notion that Millennials are lazy or apathetic is way off target. Their level of seriousness was eye opening. I found myself one afternoon standing in a pool, beer in hand, cornered by a young entrepreneur drilling me with questions on biz strategy and planning. I've often heard that this generation lacks focus and has a short attention span. I intently listened to a young man that left a Fortune 100 company after 3 years to pursue an lower paying opportunity in a completely different functional discipline to create

the Multi-Generational life hacks of a Talent Manager (aka ..... How to talk to a Millennial)

As I coach and manage professionals in our Talent Management business and was thinking about the role of each generation and the impact it will have on history. Clearly we have almost an infatuation with Millennials and how distinctly different they approach their careers (and life for that matter!). Boomers have a reputation for enjoying years of post war prosperity and also for being inflexible or slow to adopt change. I think it's the X'ers that sometimes are completely overlooked role the role they play and their burden to be sandwiched between two such idealistic generations. First, a couple words about the unfair labels attached to Millennials. I'm not a psychologist, or sociologist, o

The secret to happiness is freedom... and the secret to freedom is courage."

"The secret to happiness is freedom... and the secret to freedom is courage." The most difficult and courageous decision we can make in our career is to walk away and head into the unknown. But before you exercise that courage and walk away from the known, no matter how restrictive you find it, you need to put yourself in a position to have choices. You MUST: 1. Be in a financial position to withstand what could become the winter of your career. The financial well being of those around you is your responsibility. You need to learn to live with less. Your happiness isn't found in things, it's found in love, life, and freedom. 2. You've managed your career in a way that your skills are tran

It's Monday morning, time to Rise and Thrive!

For the talented people that I have coached or mentored, this will be a broken record or an important reminder worth a review. I found a terrific blog from Deepak Chopra that outlined what he believes to be the three biggest career mistakes one can make. I frequently coach young talent on two of these three and have added a fourth, and the fourth is what I believe to be the biggest mistake of all. I'd like to spend a couple minutes and put my spin on the Chopra / MMc four mistakes not to make in 2018. 1. Setting your expectations too low. Over and over again mentees and others will hear me say that "your faith equals your capacity". Clearly this is common sense and nearly always overlooked.

"It's been one year......."

It's been one year. I woke up one morning in 2017 to the reality that I probably have less than 5,000 days left in my career to make difference and those precious days couldn't be wasted living someone else's dream. Today you'll be walking down a hallway in the office and you'll say something like "morning Jim, how ya doing". What we frequently get back is "you know, I'm living the dream". No I don't know. What I always heard was "I'm miserable here and I've given up". My question looking back at the past year is why aren't we working harder at A) defining what your dream really is, and B) working towards it? What are you willing to give up in exchange for an opportunity to pursue your dre

The best and maybe the only next career step, might be moving laterally.

Sometimes when you are trying to successfully navigate a career, the best and maybe the only next step, might be moving laterally. It may seem like a step back or a career 'time out' but it can have significant benefits. 1. There are times when you just need clean air because of a bad culture or senior managerial fit at a local or business unit level. Moving out from under what feels oppressive and holding you back can be like being born again. 2. Another lane is moving faster than the one you are in. It might be technology or industry or structure. Some organizations have more resource and opportunity because of strategic importance. It can also be about greater visibility or market posi

Morning morning, let's slay dragons!

Monday morning. It's dark. It's cold. It's lonely. You are up before the sun and heading to work. Some can't wait to get there. Some of us, meh. Rest of us, well not so much .... it's Monday morning, let's go slay dragons! The tale of 4 Mondays: 1. You can't sleep. The insanity of responsibilities, bills, relationships, work environment, your career. It's estimated that HALF of us suffer from insomnia due to stress and anxiety. 2. You have no choice. It's your shift and have bills to pay. It's likely either the spring or winter of our careers. When early career, we charge forward. Late career, ugh. 3. You control your schedule, you get IN early so you can get OUT early and live your passion

Having FriYays again might require some 'unlearning'

What happened to us? We were fearless in our careers. In fact, the greater the challenge and the bigger the leap, the more attractive. Then somewhere we learned about risk. It's time to do some 'unlearning'. Most of us handcuff ourselves in two ways as we get further into our careers. We have learned to become risk adverse in both. One way we are painfully aware about and the other, maybe not so much. 1. We lose control because we get a taste of success, affluence, and we begin to live beyond our means. This completely changes and the "risk/ reward" equation. Funny, the larger the mortgage, car payment, or tuition bills, the more risk adverse we get. 2. We start to create frames and artifi

Get Ready People, Winter is Coming ....... Reel, Resume and LinkedIn Hacks!

We addressed the broadcast news business specifically in Part 1 sharing PEW Research from 2017 looking at some alarming trends. Clearly recent events reflect an industry contracting. Think about the Sinclair acquisition of Tribune or agencies Napoli and 3Kings cashing out and selling to a private equity firm. In the Sinclair case, the ability to consolidate creates an opportunity to survive in a down market. In the case of the agency sales to a private equity group, they will be 'optimized' or 'rationalized' and repackaged for sale in 3-5 years or as soon as valuation hits the right multiple. Congrats, you are now a drag on that multiple, meaning they will ultimately right size the number of

It's Not Recruiting, It's Networking ......

Although I'm not a recruiter, I frequently get search requests from Talent Acquisition, News Directors and VP/GM's looking for special or hard to find talent like Investigative Journalists and big market MMJ's. This past week I've run across both. First, an investigative journalist that has incredible grit and perseverance, so much so that she recently secured financing then wrote, produced, and hosted a piece of work so well done it was just nominated for an Emmy. It's a rare find, but I actually had a conversation this morning with a big market MMJ, 7-8 years experience that WANTS to be a MMJ, not looking to ever sit at an anchor desk. Passionately talked about shooting, editing and produ

How are YOU going to survive? Ever think about your station as your competition?

Everyday there is another analyst or consultant weighing in on how local TV can survive. Forget about the station for a moment, how are YOU going to survive? Ever think about your station as your competition? The industry is hardwired for churn. Contracting for example. 2,3, or maybe 5 year terms. If you are a ND / GM and your staff attrition is 25%-30% annually, your competition isn't other stations, it's the 10 renewals that are perpetually on your radar. Broken. Compensation is driven by DMA market, experience, supply/demand of talent. The station is being told to 'go local' but the last thing you want on your march to Chicago is to dig deeper in Kirksville or Grand Junction w/ your bra

Career trouble. It starts as a ripple ......

It might be a change in senior leadership or maybe you get a new manager or director. Sometimes it's a peculiar announcement, a change in policy, your shift is change, or a new clothing, makeup, or hair style directive. It usually starts as a rumor. There are going to be cutbacks, a merger, a closure, or maybe the company's for sale. I paddled through many ripples, even small waves, over the course of my career. Then in December of 2009, it wasn't a ripple. It was a wake-up call. The rumors I was hearing started coming from a very high level in the parent company. Initiatives began to change. Top line revenue and cost management became everything. Three year growth strategies where being ign

No longer making a living, I'm making a life!

What a difference a year can make in your career. I'm still working on Saturday mornings but my view and point of view has significantly changed. No longer making a living, I'm making a life. Saturday mornings are made for reflection. Reflect on the week, the past year, maybe even the direction of your career. I think back to a Saturday morning in December 2009 when MBAR LLC was started or as my son Alex says "your hustle Dad". That hustle turned into the career main event but it took nearly 7 years before TalentBlvd was launched. The GINORMOUS learning in this was when I saw ripples, then small waves in my career, I began to plan and lay the foundation. On this Saturday, what are you doi

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try!

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try" Today you can potentially make a difference in more than 30 people's lives in less than five minutes. Here's how: 1. Every organ donor can save up to eight lives. Saving the life of a head of household, a mother or father of two or three, will completely change the landscape of the entire family. Their health, their financial stability, their emotional well being. You can give HOPE. 2. If your tissue is donated you will be helping many more. You'll help a burn victim thru their excruciatingly painful recovery. You'll give the gift of sight back. You'll help a recipient walk again. 3. You can register to Donate Life online. You d

Once You See It You Can't Unsee It

Once you see this you can't unsee this. This is the reality a recent college grad with student loan debt faces in a DMA Top 50 market (Louisville, Memphis, NOLA) if degreed in Journalism, Social Work, or Teaching. My takeaways based on the 'dirty cocktail math' budget below are: - It's critical to live within our means and we can still go backwards. - Student loan debt is the deal breaker without wage increases over time. - Lending institutions need to be looking at outcomes before lending. - Making skills and experience transferable to other careers is essential. Couple other relevant points: - In many cases, starting salaries are significantly below $30,000/year. - Many use agents to secu

6 Ways To Make Yourself Virtually Unemployable

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress" ~ Frederick Douglass. There are going to be struggles in your career. You are going to make moves up, laterally, and sometimes you have to take a step back to get in the right career lane. It's going to get messy. You are going to make mistakes. It's OK! Yesterday I encountered a young talent who had posted an unflattering article on her professional Facebook page about her former employer and was encouraging others to pile-on. The reason she was so bitter was that she couldn't live with the terms of an employment agreement that she signed a few years ago. Somehow the fact that SHE signed the agreement, accepted a paycheck under those terms for


DO NOT send unsolicited sales pitches shortly after connecting. DO NOT hire an assistant to send unsolicited sales pitch on your behalf. Without question this practice is the biggest turn off on LinkedIn today. Yesterday, a TV Host from a Texas market reached out to me to see if I or my presentation coaches needed on-camera media training. Odd. Find out it's not the TV Host, it's actually an assistant hired to blindly solicit clients on her behalf using the Host's profile. Biggest lessons for all of us? Brand, Strategy, Execution, Patience (in that order). 1. Stop, think, strategize, build. The damage you can do by going off without a well thought-out plan can forever change your opportunit

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