Never Get Too Busy Making A Living That You Forget About Making A Life!

You can never let yourself get too busy making a living that you forget about making a life. You can miss the perfect role for you because you were head's down in a dead end job. I encourage my clients to book themselves only to 75% capacity regardless of workload. We need the balance of time to keep our head up and to focus on our personal development, specifically our careers and professional networks. You can always dip into the 25% balance but if you don't intentionally block it, you'll never see it. We need to spend that time in 3 areas: 1. Explore, develop, manage, adjust our career track 2. Practice continuous learning 3. Closing skill or resource gaps in our career plan You may be

The Reality of Pay For The Multimedia Journalist .....

I would bet that most j-school students and their parents didn't know that when they graduate and start their first job, their compensation will be slightly over minimum wage. If you are a Mizzou, ASU, or Syracuse grad it can be hard to believe. The good news is that there are changes in the industry that should slowly improve that over time..... Minimum wage in many urban cities in the US is pushing $13-$15+/hour. Multimedia Journalists who are accepting roles making $30k a year are earning the equivalent of $15/hour or less depending on their schedule and contract. This gets significantly reduced when: You aren't offered Clothing and Make-up allowances or they are only a fraction of what y

Multi-Generational Hacks for the Millennial and other Life Lessons of a Talent Manager

As I coach and manage professionals in our Talent Management business and was thinking about the role of each generation and the impact it will have on history. Clearly we have almost an infatuation with Millennials and how distinctly different they approach their careers (and life for that matter!). Boomers have a reputation for enjoying years of post war prosperity and also for being inflexible or slow to adopt change. I think it's the X'ers that sometimes are completely overlooked role the role they play and their burden to be sandwiched between two such idealistic generations. First, a couple words about the unfair labels attached to Millennials. I'm not a psychologist, or sociologist, o

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” aka My Journey from Fat to Fit!

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” You deserve to be loved but it also needs to begin with loving yourself. I woke up one morning to a person I didn't love and it needed to change ........ This story is old but it always remains top of mind for me. The habits that led me to be an overweight, bloated, two pack a day smoking workaholic are still following me like a shadow. Once I learned to really love myself, I've never looked back and I always stay one step ahead of that shadow. Some amazing things began to happen once I cast off that shadow. My career flourished and I found the time and energy to explore things I never saw before. This story is about a day nearly twenty years ago

Should I Pay for LinkedIn Premium?

The answer to 'should I pay for LinkedIn Premium?' and the best #tbt 10 minute LinkedIn hack that increases visibility to your audience, improves your profile appearance, and it’s completely free. Here's the hack: Your headline will auto populate with your current job and employer. It's both aesthetic and functional. By using straight bars and spaces you can use keywords to increase your visibly in searches but it also can represent where you are headed, not where you are or have been. Check out this example: From: Anchor at KVUE TV To: Evening Anchor | Reporter | Managing Editor | Producer | Host | KVUE | FOX | ABC In terms of LinkedIn Premium and the $30/month 'job seeker' price tag, the a

How do you make them feel?

It's not your experiences, it's not what you accomplish today, it's not the material things that you acquire. Your success and ultimately your legacy, will be determined by how you made people feel. Think about your next interview for example. Your experiences and accomplishments are the table stakes that got you into the room. It's how you made the interviewer FEEL that will move you on or move you out. Words like confidence, professionalism, and likability won't be spoken, but they will be drivers behind the decision making. Whether you are heading into that next staff meeting, hosting/emcee a charity event, or making a presentation at a conference, people will forget 95% of your conten

The One MInute Key To A Successful Interview!!

How about one minute of #MondayMotivation and advice from a Talent Manager on the first step towards having a successful job interview? Check out this video and come back to this post for an important link.... Self awareness is critical to having a successful interview, even when your interview is just a phone screen and you can't actually pick up verbal/visual cues. Meeting an interviewer where they are can be key to making sure you are communicating successfully. The personality assessment referenced in the video is FREE and takes only about 10-15 minutes to complete. Make sure you provide your email so you can receive your individual results. Here's the link! https://www.16personalitie

Forget Market Size, Playing Time is Key!

If you are early in your career, playing time is the most important thing to look for in your next position. So many get this completely wrong by chasing the largest market or what looks like the biggest opportunity ...... When I was growing up and playing competitive team sports my Dad always made sure I wasn't sitting on the bench of the best team in the league. He pushed me to find teams that I actually got the most playing time, many times playing against the best team in the league. Without actual playing time on the field or court, you have limited skill development. I content the same thing happens early in our careers. Sitting on the bench in a big market or large corporation is

Why? This is Why!

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did." Friend Jennifer Eckhart has been hustling, grinding, sweating, and earning an opportunity. Today you see why.... The young, talented, and ambitious are driving for just for a single chance. An opportunity to shine. Today, Jennifer will make her national debut on Fox News Channel during Neil Cavuto's show “Your World” at 4:45 pm ET. It's super simple.......... I f you are a young journalist looking to move up, a mid-career pro in transition to a new industry and city, or simply desire to create legacy in your career, you are going to need 'Jennifer Eckhart' kind of grit and perseverance. Happy

"Your life, the test you didn't study for"

"Your life, the test you didn't study for." Bloomberg journalist Mark Pittman and wife Laura Fahrenthold where soulmates, so deeply in love until the unthinkable test was presented one November evening ...... On the night before Thanksgiving, Laura was suddenly a widow with two young daughters. There wasn't a hint that this test was coming her way. Not only was she fraught with incredible grief but now she was a single parent and sole breadwinner. This is change at a magnitude few ever feel. Laura Fahrenthold's courageous and healing journey ended up as a 31,000 mile trek across the United States and Canada in an RV with her teenage daughters and a stray dog. As an author and journalist

Falling in LOVE with Monday mornings

It's another Monday morning. You couldn't sleep last night because you are thinking about the week ahead. You are basically miserable. You feel unappreciated, your manager doesn't have the tools, training, or resources to help you even if they would be so inclined. If you are being honest with yourself, it's probably time to start thinking career transition. A new position, company, even different industry. Maybe not a complete change but at a minimum, it's time for you to focus on something more rewarding and fulfilling before your spirit is completely crushed. There is literally nothing from stopping you from finding fulfillment except YOU. In fact, the reward you may be looking for isn't

Today is Mother's Day but you are our everyday......

Today is the day but you are our everyday. You took a tiny hunk of human clay, without shape or form, and molded and nurtured it into an accomplished man. Mom...... Turned a black & white world into living color..... Exposed us to the arts; books, music, film, theater..... Gave us an appreciation of the outdoors and this great country..... Made us feel like a million bucks even in hand me down clothes..... Coached us on the virtues of discipline with a velvet hammer..... You let us make some very important and informative mistakes..... Taught us how to write, speak, eat, dress, and respect others..... You instilled the will to accomplish without ever killing our spirit..... Challenged us to

They Don't See Sunrises, They Wear Them

It's probably the most unnatural act ever. They intentionally set an alarm at 1:30 am to go stand in the dark waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. They don't see sunrises, they wear them. Although they have bills to pay like everyone else, they don't do it for the money (much less $$ than you think). It's passion and ambition that drive a new breed of reporter call MMJ's (multimedia journalist). They write, shoot, and edit their work, alone, in the dark, while we are all hitting the snooze button. As the business of News is changing and going more and more local to compete with digital content coming from virtually every mobile phone on the street, this role is where many of thi

Welcome to the weekend and your Career transition!

I've been coaching and mentoring for more than 20 years. Many times its because an associate, friend, or family member has been thrust into a difficult situation regarding their job. They might be part of a reduction in force, a spousal relocation, or just a conundrum regarding the next steps. Might be "I don't know what I want to do" or "I'm not happy here" or "I know what I want to do but I don't know how to get there". When faced with potential planned or unplanned change in job status, there are some critical steps and actions to ensure successful outcomes. When you have managed your career the right way, you will have significantly more options and opportunities ahead. If you think ab

"How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!"

"How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!" Behind all the accomplishments in my career is a she-roe that has never given up, even in the darkest of night, the coldest of winter. My She-roe: Held my hand as we walked together through the valley of Hell; downsizing, company mergers and sales, layoffs, and resignations. Captained a household while being the best steward of all that we have, and it goes way beyond the material things that don't really matter in the end. Raised two amazing young men while I was off flying 3.5 million miles across Europe, Africa, Australia, and South America. Packed up everything we own 11 times and moved across country, many

Reels. Resumes. LinkedIn. Design is great but how they work is critical.....

Reels. Resumes. LinkedIn. How they look and their design is important but it's how they work for you that is the real differentiator. There are important hacks to all three that help open doors. There is one very common and critical mistake we all make. We approach these career tools as historical documents, like an autobiography but think for a moment about their intent. They should be representing where you want to go not where you've been. They also need to be fresh. Think about a freshness date on all of them. Once a month you should be sitting down and looking at your profiles, reels, and resumes with an objective and forward looking eye. Here's are some quick tips, some hacks on co

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