Yes, Sometimes It Is Greener On The Other Side

Yep, sometimes the other side is greener but if you never cross the 5th Ave in your career how would you know? Everyday you wait, the avenue can get wider, with more traffic, making it more treacherous to cross. Some of us never cross. Others (me included) have played "Frogger" many times in our career. What is important is not how many times you create change and explore opportunities but that you are prepared to do so when it's time to go. Change doesn't have to be a 'all or nothing' proposition. Just this week we built a three-pronged approach for a morning news anchor in transition. We have recently done the same with a retail executive, a software engineer, and a physician. In all ca

We should celebrate our imperfections because it's our 'brokenness' that differentiates

We should celebrate our imperfections because it's our 'brokeness' that differentiates and makes us stronger. Your pursuit of perfection might be creating the largest blind spots in your career. My imperfections have resulted in more mistakes than most and I have found none to be fatal. I now recognize that there are four things you MUST do to leverage imperfection and create opportunity: 1. Recognize the need to change. I've been told I have a great sense of timing. Nope, just the recognition that opportunity is the convergence of timing AND execution. 2. Be accountable for where we find ourselves. It's not a manager, a peer, or the company. WE are responsible for our current position

3 Biggest Social Media Mistakes You Are Making Right Now!

Another week, another seven days deeper into the hole you are digging for yourself. We should be focused on the design, development, and management of your career, not repairing it. How is it that we are trained to develop and retain audience but once we open up our social media we lose our minds? Specifically, we: 1. "It's all about Me Me Me" 2. Not looking outside the Industry 3. Failure to develop a Brand Think about: 1. Doing a 'self audit'. Look through your last 2 weeks of posts on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. How many of the posts are about; your clothes, your makeup, your food, your mood? If you are a 28 yr old woman, you know who is following/interacting these posts r

It's those changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes nothing remains quite the same

"It's those changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes nothing remains quite the same." Nothing remained the same fourteen months later. I discovered that not only do I own my attitude, but I control the latitude. Sometimes latitude might be more than a geographic reference point. It might also be a change in responsibility, a new role, a new organization, or even a complete break and you head off on your own. My latitude changes have been all the above. I've successfully made transitions across seven different companies and six completely different industries. Each one came with a different latitude and attitude that felt like a breath of fresh air. I've always pushed to a sometimes awk

What are you worrying about right now?

What are you worrying about right now? Most of the worry in our career comes from two places. First, that we won't get to where we want to. Next, that someone will take away what we have earned. The basis of this worry is fear of the unknown. I'm a believer that we can manage the unknown by being differentiated and it's just leveraging the talents you already have. If your personal brand carries a value proposition to an audience or employer, you won't need to worry about where you are going or losing what you've earned. Here are two important follow up links for more info after you've watched this short 1-2 minute video......... First, how to think about personal brands and a process to f

Dumbed Down, Lazy, and Narcissistic

Smart, hard working, and humble. Patrick Lencioni wrote that these are three of the desired attributes of extraordinary leaders. On this Monday morning I'm afraid we are failing on all three ....... Our use of social media is having a profound impact on our ability to become leaders of people, thought, and content. Let's start with the easy one, humility. The best illustration of epic fail I've seen to date is the new IG feature "ask me a question". Clearly Facebook and IG get it. The more they let you focus on you, the more popular the feature. Next, I frequently find myself mindlessly scrolling down my Facebook or Twitter feed, know the feeling right? The fact that I used the term 'mi

The 6 Reasons You Are Virtually Unemployable

It's the weekend, you made it! The struggle is very 'reel'. You are 100% committed to developing your craft and you are in your dream job but it's at the wrong place. What's holding you back from moving up? I've found six common things across clients and my own 30 years of experience that hold professionals back from making that next move up in their career. In summary: 1. Your public presentation / social media 2. Compensation expectations 3. Entitlement 4. Lack of network 5. Skills are not transferable 6. Industry in rapid decline Look, resumes, reels and the interview are critical and must be spot on but it's these other areas that may be keeping you from landing that next gig. Let's r

How To Answer The Dreaded 'Salary Question'

There is a right way to answer this question when it comes up early in the interview process (and it usually does). Your answer can either keep you in the running and you move on or it can instantly kill your chances. The answer is that it's too early in the process to know. Until the role and responsibilities are clearly understood and the elements of the total compensation package is presented you, you can't possibly know. For example, benefits can be worth up to 30% or 40% of the total package. When you are being pressed for an answer or you can't move on in the application process without a hard number, you need to make sure you have a complete understanding of the compensation range

Age Is Just A Number, Part II

Consistency is so important, it's a critical component to maintaining high performance. Being at the top of your game in your career requires discipline both mentally and physically. Today's #tbt is about consistency. Fifteen years ago I ran my first Olympic distance triathlon. I had quit a 20 yr 2-pack a day smoking habit a year earlier and trained for six months. I finished a respectable top 25% percentile for my age group. This morning's run 15 years later was nearly the exact same mile times as that July day in 2002. So much has changed around me. Two moves, eight jobs, four companies later there are only two things that have remained the same. Specifically, family and my faith in

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." Some of us take a very circuitous route to what we might have been. It largely depends on where the journey starts in your career. What do you want to trade those Spanx and heels for? Nine hours in that cubicle is not your dream (maybe a nightmare) right? Where is it that you make a Life not just a Living? I do believe that it's never too late and I also believe that we have an inkling much earlier than we act on. There are some clear indications that change is coming (or necessary) and there are three things you can be doing today to be "what you might have been". Find it all in the article "Career Trouble. It Starts As A Ripple" here

"The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places."

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. Sometimes the first break comes very early, sometimes not until late career. Either way it can be absolutely devastating. It's the unknown. In the absence of clear visibility of what comes next, we have a tendency to become paralytic. I think under stress we look at the unknown with fear not an opportunity to move up or out. Maybe we should be looking at these hiccups or speed bumps in our career as the push we needed but were afraid to take. Why? They actually give us a competitive advantage. As long as you are able to reflect and pivot, we have garnered experience that our competition doesn't have. When it

The Weekend Job Search, You Are Doing It All Wrong!

This how you spend your weekend looking for a new job as you desperately manage a career in transition? Before you start pushing the 'Easy Apply' button you need to be thinking about 5 things first ...... 1) Slow down, plan and prep. 2) Write, produce, direct and star in "My Career, the Movie" 3) Build a career pyramid. 4) Enlist help, people WANT to help you! 5) Quality matters. As a mid-career professional in transition, I learned that a strategy, thoughtful preparation, and solid execution are keys to success. Being impulsive and ill-prepared nearly always result in two things: A) Your search/transition will take twice as long, or B) You accept the wrong role at the wrong company with t

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