One Will 'Time Out', One Will 'Burn Out'

"Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation, while bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality." One will 'time out' and the other will become impatience and 'burn out'. If you are a Gen X or Boomer it's highly likely you will soon be timed out from the company and job you thought you'd retire from. Skills are timeless, people are not. How are you preparing your skills for transition to the next career or conversely, being financially prepared to live on 50% less? Millennials who are growing impatient or burning out in a low paying 60/hr a week roles should be intentional, preparing for change and contributing to their career foundation. The stronger the base the taller the caree

Hey News Director, The Unicorn You're Looking For Is Right Here!

Hey News Director, The Unicorn You're Looking For Is Right Here! Management, News Directors and Talent Acquisition should stop looking for a unicorn and take care of the talent they have right now. Churn is the enemy yet few outside of HR are focused on retaining talent. We fall victim to 'the grass is always greener' syndrome. We discount our people and elevate others we know little about. Our first reaction to poor performance is to blame execution. We change sales managers or talent / anchors / reporters / producers before we take a hard look at strategy (lack thereof) or format. It's easy to find organizations that focus on their people and talent development before we ever accept that

News Anchor, Pro Athlete? Contract Not Renewed? You Need To Watch This!

This morning's article was focused on what happens when that contract or agreement isn't renewed. It's becomes how you can communicate your value to an employer or client in a different org and industry. Being on local TV news or on a professional sports field, pitch, or arena isn't going to be enough. This video takes you through some ideas on the hot buttons that potential employers are looking for. Essentially you should be focused on how you can help employers/clients generate more revenue, retain or attract high value employees, reduce costs, or generate more market share. You need to be looking at hot and topical issues facing organizations and provide solutions. In this video I ment

"That's all I ever wanted to do. I didn't have a Plan B"

"I thought that I would retire doing the job that I loved doing. I’ve had to regroup. I’m looking for work. Looking for another job trying to figure out what’s next.” The above quote(s) didn't come from someone that spent 35 years working at the Post Office, or a FedEx/UPS driver, or an Ad Exec with Leo Burnett. It was a TV news anchor that had just spent nearly their entire career at the same station. They were 54 yrs old. Contract not renewed. Now what? There is no shame in suddenly finding yourself without a job. If fact, if you are pushing the boundaries of your talent, you can pretty much count on it at some point in your career. Here is what is VERY important to understand. Just

A Father's Career Advice To His Sons

"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome." One of my favorite Arthur Ashe quotes. It very much represents how I feel about career management and development. The greatest accomplishment in my career is not the destination, where I am today, it's the amazing collection of friends, learning and experiences. As I was tossing and turning in bed during one of those sleepless nights I found myself thinking about my sons and their careers. What will they accomplish and how will they run their race? What do they need to know that you'll never find in a book or a classroom? What have I mentored and coached that I have forgotten to tell them? In the

You are not here merely to make a living ...

There are maybe a hundred or so early and mid-career professionals I track, I'm not just connected to them, I follow them. Their struggle is reel (sorry) but so are the rewards as their stage gets bigger and bigger ........ The up and comers I track share three traits - smart, hard working, and humble. They are real, fun to watch, willing to share and be vulnerable. They have the discipline to stay away from landmines. They don't show up only when they need something. They aren't necessarily pedigreed but somehow they managed to move from DMA 90 to a national stage. Drew Wilder is a terrific role model for those coming out of school or just leaving their first role. If you aren't follow

We Are Starting Too Late!

This week's theme was clearly that too many media pro's are waiting too long before starting their job search at the end of their current contract. Check out this short video and then print the checklist below for your transition plan. 12 - 9 months out: Decision needs to be made about staying in same industry/position or moving out. Transitions that require a transfer of skills to a new industry and company can take considerable time branding, packaging, and networking. Titles, Descriptions, Skills ..... all need to be evaluated for change on resumes, reels, and social media, especially LinkedIn Begin to connect with influencers beyond your current industry. Target potential industries an

Ever been Fired, Severed, Laid off?

Ever been terminated or laid off? Mike McNamara has plenty of times and has approached every one as a terrific opportunity to grow and thrive! Check out today's post here: See:

Can You Compete With "Young, Hot, and Cheap?" Yup.

Recent conversation with a well respected General Manager and News Director was eye opening and direct. As we talked about insights and trends in the industry, the conversation led to the challenges faced by mid-career professionals attempting to either move up market or even getting a favorable contract renewal. As traditional channels are shrinking, even disappearing, so have opportunities. We both agreed that the people strategies ruling the business for nearly 50 years needs to change. Cheese has been moved. Paradigms shifted. I shared my thoughts around the proliferation of digital platforms and increased visibility of the marketplace. He said "yeah, definitely impacting the business bu

You're For Sale. Now What?

Last month Cox Media Group announced it's exploring the sale of 14 TV stations. In June, Raycom Media announced a sale to Gray Television. So what happens to you if you work at a station on the market? First, no need to panic. I believe you can look at this an opportunity and let's face it, you're tired of the rumors anyway. Let's get on with it! One of four things are possible for you and you should be thinking and working all four scenarios ....... 1. New Co. needs you, or at least some of you. They are buying a business to make money and that takes people. Only changes are the culture and name on the paycheck. For the mission critical staff there might even be a retention bonus if yo

Gen X'ers, Now's the Time!

I think my Generation X clients are in an amazing position that they rarely take advantage of. They are often referred to as the "latchkey or MTV Generation". As they were heading into their formative years, divorce rates were peaking and the country's focus was changing, in particular spending and social services began to shift from child care to the ballooning senior population. Gen X'ers make up a third of the U.S. workforce population and nearly 82% are either working or actively looking for work today. It shouldn't be a surprise then to note that two-thirds of our client portfolio is made up of these late 30's and 40' somethings. Also relevant is that TalentBlvd is largely made up of Ge

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