Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards". So, it wasn't great, you're super critical of your work, you're completely focused on fixing yesterday. YOU might be becoming your biggest obstacle. There is something to be said about being forward thinking and intentional. We've all watched people pass by us in our careers to positions of greater responsibility. Why? The thing they all share in common is that they spend their energy living forward, they can project themselves on a bigger stage. I'm not suggesting that we become tone deaf to significant opportunities for improvement. What I'm suggesting is put a filter on them. If the opportunities are part of your life

People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude!

People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. We are so driven that we can lose sight of the unspoken at a company event or a job interview. What was your attitude? Even simpler, are you likable? You won't see attitude or likability as evaluating criteria in an interview debrief or a performance review. You'll see other words like 'collaborative' or 'team player' and even though you like you nailed it with great situation, action, results laden examples, you're getting low marks. The true story is that the last thing I remind clients, even at the C-Suite level, before they walk into a critical meeting for a job, magazine/newspaper article, or TV interview, you need to be likabl

VJ 2.0

In 2018, this is how success is defined in terms of platform migration and multimedia talent career transition. The E. W. Scripps Company and Rebecca Fath are on the move ...... will audience follow? As journalists become videographers and TV stations become digital channels streaming news and lifestyle information on demand, outlets look completely different than they did 5 years ago. PEW Research tells us that not only will the traditional audience migrate but that iGen and Millennials actually prefer this format over the static one directional approach of broadcast television. Bravo to HelloSWFL and vj's like Rebecca for bravely moving the cheese and busting paradigms. For those of us tha

Ugh, Another 3 and Out!

I hear it almost everyday. "I can't take it anymore". The 3 and Out's are getting old. The hotter, younger, cheaper are given more and more opportunities to take the stage and it leaves you questioning the business and your place. Maybe you are career restless or have the happy feet, the "itch", to go out on your own in a rapidly changing multimedia world. Have you considered starting your own gig? Check out this 2016 article we wrote on our recent experiences with a new breed of entrepreneur and the 6 things critical to their success .... "Today's Entrepreneur - Millennials in the Basement" Today's Entrepreneur...Millennials in the Basement It's lonely. The forces around you are telling you

Age is just a Number

Age is just a Number. We frequently focus on the wrong things as we look for answers when we struggle in our careers, especially when we are in transition. We often turn our attention to the elements that we have little or no control over because it's the easiest way to deflect accountability and responsibility. We can become distracted by the noise, not the cause. In this case the noise can be simple demographics - gender, race, orientation, or many times we point to our age. There are 3 ways to minimize the impact of age in your career development and transition. 1. Self awareness is critical. There's a lot more going on other than age 2. Opportunity comes from your fiscal maturity. You ne

It's More Fun To Be A Pirate Than Join The Navy!

"It's more fun to be a pirate than it is to join the Navy"~ Steve Jobs. Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day and the question is, are you working to 'conform' or are you working to 'perform'? Are you talking like a pirate or a sailor? What are you doing to push your performance beyond the frame of that job description somebody wrote for you? The goal today should be to blow up that restrictive frame and stretch yourself. Two things: 1. Let's be clear, I'm not talking about the Navy and sailors in a literal sense. Your 'Navy' and role of 'sailor' is the frame you make for yourself given your situation. It is not a negative, it is our reality. 2. Getting out of the 'Navy' may not be p

Managing Your Career Takes Courage, Not Ego!

"It will be necessary to move laterally or step back to get ahead at least once in your career. There is no shame in doing this. This is mission, it takes courage not ego." Your social media feed is not your reality ..... You need to turn off your social media feeds if you can't separate your career plan and success from what your peers, former classmates, and friends are posting. The fact that Susie Turner jumped to market No. 6 is completely irrelevant to your career. So, Sam Taylor is the youngest VP in company history, that isn't going to get you there without grit and perseverance. Run YOUR race. Moving down market or laterally to get into a different space for long term opportunity and

Your Career As A Brand

If your career was a brand, what would it be? Think about the emotion that a brand can elicit. It can be admiration, security, inspiration, status, trust or consistency and comfort. Are you gruesomely efficient with a smile? Do you obsolete yourself and reinvent with a next generation of you? Does your level of flexibility and service set the bars for others? Have you timed-out because of changing tech you couldn't keep up with? Do you prefer the rewards of risk and potentially living with the consequences? Personal branding is the convergence of your talent, passion, differentiators, value proposition and your audience or client base. It's not an easy exercise because we too often look from

Are You Chasing 'It' but not 'What'?

Our ego and pride creates invisible walls and silent friends. It's our humility and vulnerability that opens up opportunity. Try as I might, I can't coach humility but I can help one recognize the absence of it. It's one of the things that keeps me up at night. Top talent is always reaching for the stars but some burn out quickly because they chase the 'it' and not focus on the 'what'. The 'it' is title, wealth, or admiration. The 'what' is the substance and why we reach pinnacles of success in our careers. This morning, are you chasing 'it' being driven by pride and ego or are you investing in the 'what', building a toolbox and foundation out of humility and opportunity?

Social Media Hacks for the Multimedia Pro and Marketing Manager

It seems intuitive but even my most diligent multimedia clients mess up their social media feeds and lose opportunities because they forget the basics. It's important to start with the acknowledgement of a couple things: First, you must control the adrenaline rush of an event or an experience and stop to properly merchandise your content. Ready, Aim, Shoot! Next, we too closely tie our identity and personal worth to our feed and the resulting audience interaction. Typically we look at quantity, not quality. There are four things that need to be top of mind as you manage your social media profiles and feeds across all your platforms. Specifically: Pro's and Con's of buying followers, likes

A Terrific Opportunity in Disguise!

Today might be the day. It could be your job, your largest client, a partner, or an investor. Sometimes it's a complete surprise. Sometimes it's expected. Either way, don't panic, consider this an opportunity. We have a natural tendency to panic and jump into action almost immediately. That's probably the worst thing you could do. It's best to slow down, begin to prep for what could be 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months of transition. Other than the obvious, updating your resume and reel, the very first things to focus on should be: 1. Construct an effective "Reason for Leaving/Change" Statement and new Elevator Pitch. 2. Clean up and prep your social media presence; LinkedIn profile, Facebook, T

You Can Be A Better Storyteller .......

Considering you tell stories for a living, you kinda suck a little bit at telling your own. Just saying when you are 'thin sliced' in a 3 second first impression followed by a one minute intro, you've gotta crush it. How? The 3 second 'thin slicing' is how scientists define your first impression. Its all image - clothes, hair, posture, but most importantly, your facial impression. WARNING: You aren't going to like this ... 8 things people decide in their thin slice of you: Now, the one minute intro ...... "Hi Susan, my name is Mike McNamara and I'm a C-Suite level executive with 20 years experience in six different industries. I excel at breaking down really complex i

Your Career: The Exam You Never Studied For

Your Career: The Exam You Never Studied For. The challenges come at you pretty quick and there is no manual. You can always be ahead of the curve if you focus on 3 attributes that make us timeless, not timed-out. 1. The first, you must be hard working. The timeless professionals have great work life balance BUT there are times when that goes out the window. Breaking News. Sale Day. Trial Day. Race Day. Market leaders OutPlay OutWit and OutLast. 2. Secondly, you must approach everyday with intention and be intentional. Be a great student. Have goals for every meeting, every show, every case and formulate a plan to accomplish them. You aren't there to look pretty or handsome. 3. Finally, you m

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