Celebrate your 'brokeness', be a Legend!

We should celebrate our imperfections because it's our 'brokeness' that differentiates and actually increases the equity of our brand. It's your pursuit of perfection that is creating the largest blind spots in your career. My imperfections are many but I have found none to be fatal. The broken seams are literally a career road map. I now recognize that there are four things you MUST do to leverage imperfection and create an opportunity to thrive. 1. Recognize the need to make mistakes, tweak and take action. I've been told I have a great sense of timing. Nope, just the recognition that opportunity is the convergence of timing AND execution. 2. Be accountable for where we find ourselves.


Sweeps Longer hours and much less pay than most would think. Check out "The Reality of Pay For The Multimedia Journalist" at TalentBlvd.com: https://lnkd.in/ep4EM_h

SOLD means Opportunity, not Panic!

Cox Media Group announced it's selling 14 TV stations. Last June, Raycom Media announced a sale to Gray Television. So what happens to you if you work at a station on the market? Opportunity happens! First, no need to panic. I believe you can look at this an opportunity and let's face it, you're tired of the rumors anyway. Let's get on with it! One of four things are possible for you and you should be thinking and working all four scenarios ....... 1. New Co. needs you, or at least some of you. They are buying a business to make money and that takes people. Only changes are the culture and name on the paycheck. For the mission critical staff there might even be a retention bonus if you

Before you say 'Yes' to that offer ....

article by Mike McNamara, founder TalentBlvd photo cred: The Godfather, Paramount Pictures How do you make sure you and a company are a good fit? Which offer should you accept? Here are 7 things you should think about before saying "YES"! So you have just left a company after a less than positive experience or maybe you find yourself unhappy with a company because it turns out to be a completely different culture than you anticipated. To borrow the line from David Byrne's 'Once in a Lifetime'........ ....."and you may ask yourself, Well...How did I get here?" Usually the answer to this question stems from the lack of due diligence or just your haste to find a job after being unemployed with

Four Super Bowl sized Career Game Changers for 2019

We have a tendency to complicate things. We look at those who's careers we admire or want to emulate and we convince ourselves that they have some secret sauce or some magical talents. What I have found the past ten years of working with extraordinary talents is just the opposite. They absolutely crush the simple things and create timeless skills and personal brands. The four things that we should focus on in 2019 are: One: Be BOLD. Focus on your differentiators. We are all snowflakes, I get that but what distinguishes you from the rest of the pack? Is it your experience, education, skill sets, or maybe your network? When you are selling yourself in an interview what's your value proposition

Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown

Study: Women CEOs are more likely to face termination than men. We aren't investing in change that is sustainable. We aren't preparing women to hold the office and more importantly, we aren't preparing stakeholders to recognize and appreciate the value of diversity in critical leadership positions in today's multi-generational and multi-ethnic organizations. Leadership should reflect the organization it represents and audience/client it targets. We all have been in misalignment companies and some of us have seen it lead to catastrophic results. I had spent time with a large multi-national corp where Caucasian men 50 to 70 years old held 90% of the board and leadership positions. The predispo

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