Game of Homes. Sweeps are Coming!

Game of Homes. Sweeps are Coming! Everyday there is another analyst or consultant weighing in on how local TV can survive. Forget about the station for a moment, how are YOU going to survive? Ever think about your station as your competition? There many misaligned pieces in any industry supply chain and certainly local TV has it's share. For example the contracting and agent model with the unintended consequences of increased churn, higher station payroll, and lower take home pay for talent. Broken. Survival for talent is your ability to adapt, staying inside the industry while keeping one foot outside. Change is inevitable and being able to navigate and become timeless is key. Taking your c

Resumes, Reels, and LinkedIn Hacks for the Multimedia Pro.

We addressed the broadcast news business specifically in Part 1 sharing PEW Research from 2017 looking at some alarming trends. Clearly recent events reflect an industry contracting. Think about the acquisitions of stations/brands or agencies Napoli and 3Kings cashing out and selling to a private equity firm. In the Apollo/Cox case, the ability to consolidate creates an opportunity to survive in a down market. In the case of the agency sales to a private equity group, they will be 'optimized' or 'rationalized' and repackaged for sale in 3-5 years or as soon as valuation hits the right multiple. Congrats, you are now a drag on that multiple, meaning they will ultimately right size the number

The Next Best Step In Your Career Might Not Be Forward.

Sometimes when you are trying to successfully navigate a career, the best and maybe the only next step, might be moving laterally. It may seem like a step back or a career 'time out' but it can have significant benefits. 1. There are times when you just need clean air because of a bad culture or senior managerial fit at a local or business unit level. Moving out from under what feels oppressive and holding you back can be like being born again. 2. Another lane is moving faster than the one you are in. It might be technology or industry or structure. Some organizations have more resource and opportunity because of strategic importance. It can also be about greater visibility or market posi

How to Minimize Age in your Career

Age is sometimes not just a number. In many highly visible and high profile positions every passing day can feel like the career hour glass, status and stature slowly slipping away. We tend to focus on the systematic industry issues as we look for answers. The industry practices that propelled us at 25 (we called it 'opportunity' then) are working against us at 55 (now it's discrimination). It's not new right? In 1989, a then nearly 40 yr old mother of three Jane Pauley was replaced with 30 yr old Deborah Norville. Gender/age discrimination existed when we started our career and it's only slightly morphed over the past 30 yrs. It's still wrong and audience demand continues to perpetuate the

Winter is coming .......

Winter is coming.... Listen kid, the 'Smile States' are where it's at! If you are in career transition, graduating, or found your contract not renewed, it's time to think change and relocation. So where? Seriously, the 'winter' in your career could be right around the corner. It makes sense that opportunities will follow people. The more eyeballs, ears, and mouths in a market, the more opportunity literally in almost every industry. Population growth has been migrating south for years but also to the right and left coasts as well. These growth patterns have created the 'Smile States'. For more color, check out this quick read on a father's advice to a son graduating from Mizzou: https://lnkd

"I Don't Have A Plan B"

"I thought that I would retire doing the job that I loved doing. I’ve had to regroup. I’m looking for work. Looking for another job trying to figure out what’s next.” The above quote(s) didn't come from someone that spent 35 years working at the Post Office, or a FedEx/UPS driver, or an Ad Exec with Leo Burnett. It was a TV news anchor that had just spent nearly their entire career at the same station. They were 54 yrs old. Contract not renewed. Now what? There is no shame in suddenly finding yourself without a job. If fact, if you are pushing the boundaries of your talent, you can pretty much count on it at some point in your career. Here is what is VERY important to understand. Just each o

Some "FriYAY's" Come In Disguise

Today might be the day. It could be your job, your largest client, a partner, or an investor. Sometimes it's a complete surprise. Sometimes it's expected. Either way, don't panic, consider this an opportunity. We have a natural tendency to panic and jump into action almost immediately. That's probably the worst thing you could do. It's best to slow down, begin to prep for what could be 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months of transition. Other than the obvious, updating your resume and reel, the very first things to focus on should be: 1. Construct an effective "Reason for Leaving/Change" Statement and new Elevator Pitch. 2. Clean up and prep your social media presence; LinkedIn profile, Facebook, T

How many times to follow up after a job interview?

How many times to follow up after a job interview? It's nerve racking. You really want this job. The role, the company, and from what you've heard about the hiring manager, all seem like a perfect fit with your goals. You've done your due diligence on the organization's culture and everything aligns nicely. You crushed the phone screen or the first interview and sent a 'thank you' email and the ...... crickets. Familiar? So now the question is how many times can/should I follow up? When? How? The answer is 'it depends'. It's going to depend on who you've met with, the role, and the feedback you've received. There is one rule that you should always use as a guiding principal. Your foll

Sometimes The Grass IS Greener.

Yep, sometimes the other side is greener but if you never cross the 5th Ave in your career how would you know? Everyday you wait, the avenue can get wider, with more traffic, making it more treacherous to cross. Change doesn't have to be a 'all or nothing' proposition. Just this week we built a three-pronged approach for a morning news anchor in transition. We have recently done the same with a retail executive, a software engineer, and a physician. In all cases, one of their options included doubling-down within their current industry because the timing isn't always right. Here's your checklist if you are considering a change/industry change. The four critical elements to successfully cros

Your Career: The Movie

There is a Chinese proverb that basically says "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago". Act now, don't wait for something that may never happen, or at a minimum, it happens too late. Additionally, you aren't going back to change the past, the best time to make changes are as early in the process as possible so you can leverage the benefits earlier and longer. Your career is like this View-Master film strip. When we put the frames together sequentially, you have a movie. Just like the lever of the View-Master, you control the movie including the speed at which you advance the frames and even more importantly, which movie you are going to watch. How aptly named right? YOU are the Mast

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