Hustle beats talent, when talent doesn’t hustle

"Hustle beats talent, when talent doesn’t hustle." So many MMJ days spent hustling and nothing. Bad info, missing graphics, b-roll blows up, witness ghosts you, feed goes dead, blah blah blah and then it happens .... Your hustle turns up a local willing to go on camera, you ask for his name and BOOM. You found an amazingly articulate witness to collaborate your story on a landslide and the guy's name? Rocky Mountain. As we head into the weekend, its important to remember that it's the hustle that puts us in a place to be 'lucky'. You can be the most talented in your craft but if you aren't hustling, you'll never find your 'Rocky Mountain'. Photo cred: MMJ/Reporter Brittany Ford CBS Austin

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. Sometimes the first break comes very early, sometimes not until late career. Either way it can be absolutely devastating. It's the unknown that terrifies us. In the absence of clear visibility of what comes next, we have a tendency to become paralytic. I think under stress we look at the unknown with fear not what it should be - a terrific opportunity to move up or out. Maybe we should be looking at these hiccups or speed bumps in our career as the push we needed but were afraid to take. Why? They actually give us a competitive advantage. As long as you are able to reflect and pivot, we have garnered experience t


"Give the girl a fish and she'll say 'yuck'. Teach the girl to fish and she'll have a new place to shop." This came from Pastor Dinah Haag's sermon a couple weeks ago. Couldn't help but think that learning to 'fish' in your career and where to shop are incredibly important if you want to avoid the 'yuck' Two or three times a week I connect with professionals that are literally stuck with the 'yucky' fish that they 'won' through an agent or someone in their limited network. Now they recognize they must move and shop for a new role but they don't know how. There is right way to manage a career in transition and it's best summed up in 4 steps: 1. Understand your timing. What's your horizon? How

Falling in love with Monday morning!

If you are being honest with yourself, it's probably time to start thinking career transition. A new position, company, even different industry. Maybe not a complete change but at a minimum, it's time for you to focus on something more rewarding and fulfilling before your spirit is completely crushed. There is literally nothing from stopping you from finding fulfillment except YOU. In fact, the reward you may be looking for isn't another full time role in an industry being crushed because of audience/client attrition or with a stodgy 1970's manufacturing company. Your reward might be your side hustle! You do have a side hustle right? All the cool kids have a side hustle these days. A side hu

It's the weekend, you made it! The struggle is very 'reel'.

It's the weekend, you made it! The struggle is very 'reel'. You are 100% committed to developing your craft and you are in your dream job but it's at the wrong place. What's holding you back from moving up? I've found six common things across clients and my own 30 years of experience that hold professionals back from making that next move up in their career. In summary: 1. Your public presentation / social media 2. Compensation expectations 3. Entitlement 4. Lack of network 5. Skills are not transferable 6. Industry in rapid decline Look, resumes, reels and the interview are critical and must be spot on but it's these other areas that may be keeping you from landing that next gig. Let's rely

Did You Miss Your Wake-Up Call This Week?

"Middle age is when you're sitting at home on a Saturday night and the phone rings and you hope it isn't for you." Did you miss your wake-up call this week because you are afraid to answer the call? We get 'middle aged' in our career and we become so risk adverse. We've accepted and adopted a career that we know is not a fit - role/responsibilities, company culture, work environment, ethically, even morally. We hear that nagging little voice that says it's time to move on but we have become "middle aged". Move the career ball forward next week, start planning it this weekend. Here are five simple ideas to get change rolling: 1. Learn to build your own web site, not recreate Amazon but maybe

Resumes. Reels. LinkedIn. The Best Hacks!

Resumes. Reels. LinkedIn. How they look and their design is important but it's how they work for you that is the real differentiator. There are important hacks to all three that help open doors. There is one very common and critical mistake we all make. We approach these career tools as historical documents, like an autobiography but think for a moment about their intent. Wayne Gretzky said his success was a result of skating to where the puck was going to be, not to where it was. In similar fashion, these tools should be representing where you want to go not where you've been. They also need to be fresh. Think about a freshness date on all of them. Once a month you should be sitting down an

Speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack! Four attributes of a great leader.

The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack. Being a great boss is more than just speed however. How do I know this? I've been a great boss. I've also been a bad boss and I recognize the difference. There are four attributes that you'll find strong leaders and great boss's embrace. 1, Preparation. Even if it's a blank sheet of paper with talking points written in Sharpie, they have vision output that includes a goal and prepared to get there. 2. Caring. They have the heart of a servant. They will invest in people even when at the times people won't invest in themselves. They understand that everyone has a different dream. They are enablers of dreams. 3. Faith. They believe they c

"It is never too late to be what you might have been"

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." Some of us take a very circuitous route to what we might have been. It largely depends on our career courage, self awareness, timing, and most importantly, action. Would you trade 3 am make-up, Spanx and heels for the fleeting minutes of a rush and recognition? Nine hours in that cubicle is not your dream! Are you clear where that next opportunity is today, do you have a plan, and you are working your plan? Where is it that you make a Life, not just a Living? Willy Loman you are not! (don't know Willy? I do believe that it's never too late and I also believe that we have an inkling much earlier than we act on. Th

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