"I’d rather live one day as a lion than spent my entire life as a sheep"

It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life. Today's #WednesdayWisdom from Elizabeth Kenny sums up many of our careers. We lack the courage, the heart of a lion, to explore what we don't know. The lack of clarity and fear of failure creates doubt and doubt kills. Below is an article that was aptly titled "Do You Need A New Frame?" ......... Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will and is likely your greatest weakness. Doubt can be created by experience, by adversity to risk, or simply by the frames we create. Here's my take on overcoming doubt ...... The gift of having a rich career filled with many different roles in a number of industries is perspective and vision

Living Outside-In: Impact of Social Media in your Career

I can't help but think of the impact social media and living Outside-In has had on the careers of media talent. What used to be a one-way push of carefully orchestrated content is now a real time 2-way exchange and mostly without filter. Without question, social media has built careers but I believe there are four dangers we face when we begin to live Outside-In: 1. We begin to live essentially in fear of the approval of others and with fear comes doubt. We become paralytic. 2. When we react without filter, content lives for.ever. When the first person screen caps, maybe it's even highly edited, it will live forever in a digital world. 3. We let others direct and manage our brand. We essenti

Working Weekends for Work-Life Balance!

Kept office hours this weekend and waking up Monday morning feeling like I have the best work-life balance ever. When you get it right, you stop making a living and start making a life. For the last 10 years I've been carving out a few hours on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons for contracts and weekly planning. I claw back personal time during the week when clients are on deadline, on-camera, or in countless meetings. My Saturday drumbeats are legendary with both clients and associates. They range from standing coffee meetings with my manager and teams to Google Hangouts with clients. There is nothing like a bedhead or baseball hat video conference with a client to create an inseparab

What happened to us? We were fearless!

What happened to us? We were fearless in our careers. In fact, the greater the challenge and the bigger the leap, the more attractive. Then along the way we started to equated fear, uncertainty, and doubt with risk. Most of us handcuff ourselves in two ways as we get further into our careers. We have learned to become risk adverse in both. One way we are painfully aware about and the other, maybe not. 1. We lose control because we get a taste of success, affluence, and we begin to live beyond our means. This completely changes and the "risk/ reward" equation. Funny, the larger the mortgage, car payment, or tuition bills, the more risk adverse we get. 2. We start to create frames and artifici

Manager vs Leader: The Difference

Ever work for a punitive manager that lived to correct, critique, and capitalize? The company culture dictated that you were measured to finite, static, and arbitrary goals that 'People Strategies' defined as Performance Management? Ever work for a leader that asked you to stretch and encouraged you to push yourself without fear of failure? The company culture recognized effort and ingenuity not a number the CEO/CFO had to hit to make EPS and maximize their long-term incentives? I've worked as an associate in both situations. I've been the manager/leader in both situations. Whether you lead or follow, you have the ability to change your outlook and outcomes. It's not always easy to leave the

"Put Me In Coach!"

While most are wrapping up a week with a Friday evening drink / meal, these ambitious multimedia pros are getting ready to grind to a 3 am Saturday wake-up call. They bring their A-game at the most obscene hours. Opportunity can be fickle and fleeting. It doesn't always present itself on your schedule. Playing time is hard to come by in this business. The number one compliant of clients is the lack of visibility and on-camera opportunity. I hear almost daily "if they would only give me chance ......." Everyday you ask the coach to put you in and when you finally get that chance you step up big and smile despite lack of sleep and resources that the A-Team gets on Monday afternoon at 5pm. You

Culture and Fit Are Keys To Your Success!

A Comprehensive Guide To A Company's Culture and Your Potential Perfect Match (beyond the wrinkles). So you have just left a company after a less than positive experience or maybe you find yourself unhappy with a company because it turns out to be a completely different culture than you anticipated. To borrow the line from David Byrne's 'Once in a Lifetime'............."and you may ask yourself, Well...How did I get here?" Usually the answer to this question stems from the lack of due diligence or just your haste to find a job after being unemployed with a big mortgage, car payments, plus kids with crooked teeth and aspirations of attending college. Regardless, this is the time to slow down,

Opportunity comes with a 2:00 am wake-up call

Listen, timing can be everything. Very early Weds morning before a holiday when many of their friends are going to bed, these three millennial Anchors / Reporters / MMJ's are getting out of bed full of ambition. They know that their success is based on on their ability to take a window of opportunity and leverage it for everything it's worth. These are not faces of someone complaining about going to bed before 7pm after a 4pm dinner on a Tues night. Cory Stark, Marissa Hollowed and Alyssa Toomey are faces of determination, they strive to better hone their craft at the most ungodly and unnatural of hours AND they do it LIVE in front of thousands. They do it on less sleep, for less money than

Day One Reinvention: Be Fierce

Your reputation is like a shadow and sometimes course correction is necessary to adjust the shade your reputation casts. Unfortunately it's complicated. It can feel like it's you against the world for an eternity. It couldn't be more true than after you've had some type of highly visible (and probably well documented) faux pas in social media, on live television, or in the office during an important event or large meeting. Sometimes your career stalls because that position or promotion you were promised never happens. It's even more difficult to change your course and reputation when you've done nothing catastrophic other than being guilty of spending too much time in the same role and indus

The Multi-Generational Life Hacks of a Talent Manager

As I coach and manage professionals in our Talent Management business and was thinking about the role of each generation and the impact it will have on history. Clearly we have almost an infatuation with Millennials and how distinctly different they approach their careers (and life for that matter!). Boomers have a reputation for enjoying years of post war prosperity and also for being inflexible or slow to adopt change. I think it's the X'ers that sometimes are completely overlooked role the role they play and their burden to be sandwiched between two such idealistic generations. First, a couple words about the unfair labels attached to Millennials. I'm not a psychologist, or sociologist, o

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