Shake their Dust

They post on your social media page or ugly message you over your dress, hair, or makeup Shake the Dust They turn their backs on you over two or three pounds or a few wrinkles Shake the Dust They hold you down or you are turned away because of you age, gender, or race Shake the Dust They hate on you because you love another human more than you even love yourself Shake the Dust They question your drive, ambition, work ethic or experience Shake the Dust They promised you a raise, promotion, new shift or job … that was 3 years ago Shake the Dust They call you “old school” because you believe in doing things the right way Shake the Dust They have no idea the battles you fight just to be able to

"The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me?"

"The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me?" To become unstoppable in your career, a great place to start is to adopt these five guiding principals of the successful multimedia pro. 1. If you wake up everyday thinking you are going to be discovered, you're not. Budget time. Talent management is an investment not a part time job. Your career requires ALL of your attention. 2. Make an assumption that everything you see is intentional. Become a better student. Be perpetually curious and intentional. Learn one thing new everyday. 3. There is a fork in the road ahead! You better identify multiple paths and contingencies. Your employer could be bought, could acquire a

Your NEW Elevator Pitch in 15 Minutes!

Einstein once said “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself." How many times have you been asked "Hey Susan/Sam, what do you do?" and you stumble through a verbose and convoluted answer? You've wasted a terrific opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Your elevator pitch should be used as an important NABJ/NAHJ introduction or could be repurposed as your resume or LinkedIn summary. It has 3 simple pieces ...... 1. Who you are in a very brief overview; "I'm a West Coast native and a 2014 Mizzou grad. I've been working as a Reporter and MMJ at WXYZ TV in Detroit" 2. What you've done/your skills: "My ability to develop a story from concept and pitch t

Resumes, Reels, and LinkedIn Hacks for the Multimedia Pro.

We addressed the broadcast news business specifically in Part 1 sharing PEW Research from 2017 looking at some alarming trends. Clearly recent events reflect an industry contracting. Think about the acquisitions of stations/brands or agencies Napoli and 3Kings cashing out and selling to a private equity firm. In the Apollo/Cox case, the ability to consolidate creates an opportunity to survive in a down market. In the case of the agency sales to a private equity group, they will be 'optimized' or 'rationalized' and repackaged for sale in 3-5 years or as soon as valuation hits the right multiple. Congrats, you are now a drag on that multiple, meaning they will ultimately right size the number

Talent Agents: What I Know and What You Need To Know

First, it's only fair to say that most of the calls I get from people complaining about their agent is rarely the agent's fault. It takes two to tango. Next, I've never been solely an agent nor do I aspire to be an agent. I run a full service talent management practice that also represents talent. This is not a 'tell-all' from an agent's perspective. Finally, this article isn't intended to minimize the hard work that agents do. It's a role that has some extreme highs and the lows of the Valley of Hell, all in the same week. What do I know about agents? Well, in the course of leading a talent management business, I have branded and packaged talent, pitched clients, helped structure contracts,

You Need To Be Better At Telling YOUR Story!

Considering you tell stories for a living, you kinda stink at telling your own. Today, I find myself spending significant time coaching media rock stars and execs on how to construct and deliver an one-minute personal intro. Why? Think about it. When's the last time YOU were interviewed? You know what's happening? First you're going to be "thin sliced" and then you get 60 secs to tell your story. The three second 'thin slicing' is how scientists define your first impression. It's all image - clothes, hair, posture, but most importantly, your facial impression. CHECK IT OUT: The 8 things people decide in their 3 second thin slice of you: Now, the one minute intro .....

"Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you."​

Have you ever though about what the recipe for LOVE is in your next job or maybe what are the ingredients missing in your current role? I contend that culture is a better indicator of your future success than skills and experience. Want proof? Look around, you'll find incompetent people that have survived in organizations for years. Why is that? From LinkedIn March 29, 2019 with edits August 13, 2019: When it's the perfect fit, you know it. Just last night a news anchor was asking about moving to a PR/Communications role in healthcare because they weren't feeling the love anymore. Unfortunately, love doesn't find you in the workplace, you must go find it or adapt your style to become a c

Networking In A Multimedia World

I once told a recruiter I was a 'professional networker' to which their reply was 'what's a professional networker?' The short answer is it's someone who never learned to say 'No'. We put a significant amount of value in people and relationships. We are opportunists and connectors. We are a product of nature and nurture. For me it all started on moving day in November day in 2002. Having lived in large markets most of my life, career opportunities were plentiful if you are early to mid career and ambitious. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, all were places my family had thrived. In November 2002 I took a job in a terrific family-owned business in St Louis MO metro area. Lo

The Three Shared Habits of the Successful and Self-Fulfilled

Thoughts lead to action, action leads to habit, habit leads to destiny. The most successful people you know live by their habits. I write habitually every morning before 6:00 am and in the summer I'm fortunate to do it here. Yesterday as I put together my thoughts about the most successful and self-fulfilled leaders I've known across my career, it was clear that they had a similar line of thought that resulted in action and three shared habits: 1. They fed their mind and their curiosity. They consumed information. They are ferocious readers; Bible, business, history, sports, fashion, current events. 2. They carved out time to nurture their body and soul. They were in the gym, on the road, pr

What's Your Salary Expectations?

It's probably the most feared interview or application question you will face. The answer can keep you in the hunt or take you out. It anchors the negotiation of your next contract. So, how do you answer it? Before you get to the answer, you should be doing homework to understand the pay range for the role based upon the market and your experience. I subscribe to a payroll reporting agency and get a clear picture of most pay ranges. You can check out for data on thousands of roles in major US markets. So, the answer? It always begins with "My salary expectations are commensurate with the role, the responsibilities, and my skills and experience. Salary is just one piece of to

Passion, Purpose, Perseverance. Unstoppable

This is a story about passion, purpose, and perseverance. "Nothing, not now, nope, nah, no, no, no" Time after time doors were closed and opportunities given to others. He never backed down, never gave-in, he just reached higher. He was told his content wasn't current. He went out and shot his own stand-ups after work and on weekends. He was told his reel and resume weren't good enough. He hired a designer to help reconstruct his demo reel. He was told his delivery needed work. He hired an amazing on-camera presentation coach named Katy Temple. He wasn't just trying to hire or buy his way in, he was listening, practicing, and working twice as hard as his peers just to get to the same place.

The Recipe for High Performance In Your Career. "My Journey from Fat to Fit"

The 'Face App' in real life. From a slow, bloated, overworked, smoking, drinking, fast food eating sales manager to a sharp, lean, agile, healthy and fit executive. The 3 things I uncovered along the way .... 1. You MUST learn to love yourself first. There must be a tipping point that triggers change. 2. It's critical to find a new normal and create a lifestyle. Lifestyle got you into the valley of Hell, lifestyle will lead you out and keep you out. 3. It requires incredible mental toughness. Thoughts lead to action, action leads to habit, habit leads to destiny. Choose your destiny and work backwards. The #fbf story "My Journey From Fat to Fit" has been published a number of times but

"We all want to be famous people, and ..."

"We all want to be famous people, and the moment we want to be something we are no longer free." Is your drive for more time on air, or likes, retweets, and followers holding you hostage from what could be? We can never let our ambition make us so blind that we miss important opportunities. The media and entertainment industry is rapidly changing. We should be constantly surveying the landscape to make sure our skills are transferable to other industries and roles. Answer this question: What are the top 2 trends in your industry, what is the impact to your role and how are you adapting? Broadcast News example, MMJ's are here to stay. If so, Photogs guess what's coming? ..... ANY supply chain

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