Trick or Treat? Talent Agents: What I Know and What You Need To Know

First, it's only fair to say that most of the calls I get from people complaining about their agent is rarely the agent's fault. It takes two to tango. Next, I've never been solely an agent nor do I aspire to be an agent. I run a full service talent management practice that also represents talent. This is not a 'tell-all' from an agent's perspective. Finally, this article isn't intended to minimize the hard work that agents do. It's a role that has some extreme highs and the lows of the Valley of Hell, all in the same week. What do I know about agents? Well, in the course of leading a talent management business, I have branded and packaged talent, pitched clients, helped structure contracts,

Why You Need To Start A LLC Before You Graduate.

I'm a believer that by the time you've graduated from college, you need to have created your own LLC and have an understanding of small business structure and operations, including legal and tax responsibilities. Why? To develop and protect your side hustle. Whether it's the lasting impression and impact of the recession ten years ago or a changing service economy, Millennials are starting hustles at a much higher rate than other generations. They understand the benefits go well beyond the obvious incremental income. Specifically: 1. It gives you something positive to focus on if you find your day job to be a dead end road without compromising your current comp or benefits. Why not fall in l

Win The Game of Career Musical Chairs

Look to the chair on your left, now look to the chair on the right. Numbers say one of you will be gone in the next year. How can you make sure you win the game of career musical chairs? 1. If you wake up everyday thinking you are going to be discovered, you're not. Budget time to manage your career. Talent management is an investment not a part time job. 2. Make an assumption that everything you see is intentional. Become a better student. Be perpetually curious and intentional. Learn one thing new everyday. 3. There is a fork in the road ahead! You better identify multiple paths and contingencies. Your employer could be bought, acquire a competitor, or file bankruptcy. Are your skills time

Face Your Fears, Unlock Opportunity!

“Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest fears”. It was two weeks before Christmas and I was out on street, job eliminated, two small kids and a huge mortgage. What was my greatest fear turned out to be a gift. I was introduced to a great coach who prepared me for the rest of my career. I learn then that there are 4 things that should always be in your career toolkit because prep and timing can be critical to landing on your feet. 1. Resume. Language needs to reflect a look forward not just a rehash of the past. Important elements are summary, competencies, experiences. 2. Media pros should have a 3-5 min demo reel. It should have a strong

If I were a MMJ / Reporter today, I would ..

Regardless of the industry, for the past 50 years the goal of young talent has always been to move 'up market', seeking positions with greater responsibilities in terms of (market) size and scope (of position). The two primary reasons for moving up are simple, salary and opportunity. Market size has driven the size of the paycheck and exposure translates into image which fuels and builds personal brands. The bigger the brand, the greater the opportunity to move up. Move up, more money. The equation was simple (personal brand equity + market size = salary and incentives). Today however, the typical career path is being blown up by a bunch of young upstarts that aren't waiting for their turn.

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