Taken For Granted #iamthankful

This morning while I was reflecting and giving thanks for all the amazing people and experiences I've had in my career, I realized the things I miss the most today are many of the same things I took for granted at the time. In terms of the influential people and relationships in our careers, it's been said that being taken for granted could actually be considered a compliment. That it really demonstrates how comfortable we are with somebody. In reality, if you've ever felt like you were taken for granted, it hardly feels like a compliment does it? Thursday is a perfect time to take thankful action and give the priceless gift of gratitude to those that are most influential in your career. Lit

Talent Agents .... What Every TV Journalist Needs To Know

So first some detail important to understanding my perspectives in this article. It's only fair to say that most of the calls I get from people complaining about their agent is rarely solely the agent's fault. Next, I've never been exclusively an agent nor do I aspire to be an agent. I run a full service talent management practice that also happens to represents talent. I don't do agent's work without branding, packaging, and most importantly, mentoring talent through their careers. It's especially important as they work through transition or hit speed bumps during their day to day work life. This is not a 'tell-all' from an agent's perspective. Finally, this article isn't intended to min

If I were a MMJ / Reporter today, I would ..

If I Were An MMJ Today ..... The five truths about the disruption in the industry and the eight things you should be doing about it today. This Sept 2019 article covers important information for every current MMJ, Reporter, Anchor, Producer and News Director in the broadcast new business. It's also an important read for future journalists and their parents. Setting expectations is critical to heading off disappointment and becoming disillusioned with an industry in significant flux. The ability to pivot and manage a multichannel career are key to future success. There ARE significant opportunities ahead for those that are prepared. Find the entire article here .......... Sept 10, 2019 by Mik

The 3 Steps To Creating Change In Your Career

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." There are many models and processes to manage change. From the three step Lewin model to 12 Steps of Addiction Recovery. I've been helping talent manage change for years and at the core there are three distinct steps that need to be addressed: 1. Realization and acceptance that change is needed. Ego and emotion make you paralytic. Fact and data set you free. 2. Unfreezing your personal beliefs and frames. Frames limit your capabilities and capacity. When faced with the unknown we tend to frame the negative instead of opening the boundaries and th

Why I Never Hire Millennials .....

Why I NEVER hire Millennials? Because I don't hire labels, I hire people and talent. So happens that many of the successful candidates just happen to be Millennial. How did this resilient and tech savvy generation become such a negative label? For example, a 2018 Forbes article took a deeper dive into why Millennials are not being promoted in the workforce. (The article was recently deleted) They didn't focus on the flattening of the org structure. The author offered the following five reasons: Unreasonable Expectations Unprofessional Dress Sloppy English Inappropriate Jokes Not Embracing Company Culture Not Developing "Professional" Skills Now if you've been around a couple years you might

Embrace The Suck

Career paths are not clean. They get messy. The most rewarding require a tremendous amount of grit and perseverance. Many times you simply must be tough minded and 'embrace the suck'. We've all seen the articles that encourage us to leave a company or a boss that is a stickler for the clock, doesn't appreciate us or give us room to be creative. Frankly, there are a myriad of reasons that we become unhappy and as an author or career coach, it's real easy to tell someone to leave a job. Here's the deal. That author or coach isn't the one paying your mortgage, car lease, or buying your family groceries. Sometimes you have just got to embrace suck. Look, it rarely lasts long. Average tenure is l

Minimizing Age In Your Career.

It's a hiring strategy in many industries. In highly visible positions (broadcast TV news) every passing day can feel like the career hour glass. As we look for answers, we tend to focus on the systematic industry practices. These practices that propelled us at 25 (we called it 'opportunity' then) are working against us at 55 (now it's discrimination). It's not new right? In '89, 40 yr old mother of 3 Jane Pauley was replaced with 30 yr old Deborah Norville. Gender/age discrimination existed when we started our career and it's only slightly morphed over the past 30 yrs. It's still very wrong but management and audience demand continue to perpetuate the practice. There are 3 ways to minimize

Resumes. Reels. LinkedIn. The One Common Mistake You Are Making ......

Resumes. Reels. LinkedIn. How they look and their design is important but it's how they work for you that is the differentiator. There are important hacks to all three that help open doors and close deals. There is one very common and critical mistake we all make. We approach these career tools as historical documents, like an autobiography but think for a moment about their intent. Wayne Gretzky said his success was a result of skating to where the puck was going to be, not to where it was. In similar fashion, these tools should be representing where you want to go not where you've been. They also need to be fresh. Think about a freshness date on all of them. Once a month you should be sitt

"It Is Easier To Build Strong Children Than To Repair Broken Men"​

As I was tossing and turning in bed during one of those sleepless nights I found myself thinking about my sons and their careers. What will they accomplish and how will they run their race? What do they need to know that you'll never find in a book or a classroom? What have I mentored and coached that I have forgotten to tell them? In the end, I got out of bed and started typing. This is the advice for the two Millennial men that are my sons....... What you do with what you know is more important than what you know. Your credentials and skills aren't entitlement, they're just potential door openers. You still have to 'do'. If you believe you can, you will. The size of your faith and belief i

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