Don't Fall Asleep Over The Holidays!

There are two reasons why you shouldn't listen to those that tell you to shut down, completely disengage, take the holidays off and let your guard down. These young and ambitious talents represent one of them. It's weekends and holidays that you'll find the up and comers driving hard toward the next step 'up market' and Carly Cassady Allison Ross Jamie Weiss and Haley Hughey are no exception. They'll be the ones working 3 holidays over a 5 day span. I'm watching their social media and they aren't complaining, they're celebrating opportunity! I'm not saying that we don't need some down time to reset and refresh. Recharge is very helpful, even necessary on a bunch of levels. What I am advocati

Hey News Director, The Unicorn You're Looking For Is Right Here!

Hey VP/GM and News Director, the Unicorn you're looking for is right here! Is the talent and performance management philosophy at your company "the grass is always greener?" Talent Acquisition should stop looking for a unicorn and take care of the talent they have right now. Churn is the enemy yet few outside of HR are focused on retaining talent. We fall victim to a 'grass is always greener' mindset. We discount our own people and elevate others we know much less about. What we should be doing is balancing the investment in our current talent with the effort required to onboard, train, and retain new talent. When it comes to performance management our first reaction to missing metrics like

YOU need to be Working at your Work!

These are 2016 quotes from industry publications about the outlook of journalism, specially TV News as a career. In the last 3 years, data tells us pay has gotten flatter not fatter and competition for open opportunities even more intense. Well, that's depressing. Now what? The reality is that although shrinking, there is still plenty of opportunity to have a rewarding career and make a comfortable living. The company has hired a talent development consultant to help with presentation skills. BUT, they work for the company, report back to the company, get paid by the company. They are branding the company. The talent agent is working hard to find a great role. BUT, they get paid when there i

10 Signs That You're Going To Be Sold. What Next?!

So you're a marketing or promotions manager, a news reporter/anchor, a producer, or the company's top salesperson, you're definitely not a CFO, so how can you tell if your company or news station's in financial distress or maybe there are rumors of an impending sale, merger, acquisition? If you see these signs, what should you do next? First, what's happening when a company is put on the market or already in play? When entities are being marketed for sale, the final price will be determined through due diligence (research and validation of the data the seller provides to the buyer) and likely it's some multiple of cash flow, revenue, and/or profitability. For example, if the agreement betwee

Hustle is Life

Ten years ago it wasn't called a hustle. It was an intuition that change was imminent in my career and a passion to help people and organizations. 10 years ago today, The MBAR Group was formed. Even though I had a successful business career spanning 25 years, I knew little about running a consulting firm, career coaching or talent management. In order to gain experience, I started working pro bono. For the next seven years, I worked evenings and weekends without compensation. I found myself gravitating to industries that are in complete upheaval; automotive, financial services, healthcare, education, retail and media/entertainment. I discovered I thrive with things that are complicated, flui

TV News: The Future of the MMJ Journalist

I would bet that most j-school students and their parents didn't know that when they graduate their first year compensation will likely be not much more than minimum wage. If you are a Mizzou, ASU, or Syracuse grad it can be hard to believe and a very tough pill to swallow if you are saddled with $20k in student loan debt. Minimum wage in many urban cities in the US is pushing $13-$15+/hour. Multimedia Journalists who are accepting roles making $30k a year are earning the equivalent of $15/hour or less depending on their schedule and contract. This gets significantly reduced when: You aren't offered Clothing and Make-up allowances or they are only a fraction of what you need to spend, Most a

Fueling Your Career, Living Like Coal

For most of us, a candle is a decorative accessory in our lives. They are beautiful, fragrant, and light up a room. When neglected or no longer needed, they are easily extinguished by a breeze or one's breath. Candles burn from the outside-in. Coal on the other hand is dirty, messy, smoky. It's not an accessory, it's essential. Every piece is jagged, broken, authentic, original. A breeze or your breath doesn't extinguish coal, it fuels it and burns hotter. Coal burns from the inside-out. Is your career like coal, messy and being fueled from the authenticity inside, by your passions, skills, experience, and opportunities ahead? Are you managing your career like a candle, neat and mostly decor

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