Game of Homes. Sweeps are Coming!

Game of Homes. Sweeps are Coming! Everyday there is another analyst or consultant weighing in on how local TV can survive. Forget about the station for a moment, how are YOU going to survive? Ever think about your employer as your competition? There are misaligned pieces in any industry supply chain and certainly local TV has it's share. For example the 1-2-3 year contracting model with the unintended consequences of increased churn, higher station payroll, and lower take home pay for talent. Survival for talent is dependent upon your ability to adapt, staying inside the industry while keeping one foot outside. Change is inevitable and being able to navigate and become timeless is key. Takin

TalentBlvd: "The Gen X Manifesto"

by Mike McNamara, updated Jan 27 2020 Generation X was tagged as 'the alienated youth', 'latchkeys', the MTV generation, and the ever enduring term 'slackers'. These 40 to 55 year olds were the first to adopt a digital lifestyle and fully embrace social media. Today they are living up to their reputation by being identified as the age group that is spending more time on Facebook than any other. I frequently spend time with my X clients reminding them not to live "outside-in", competing for affection from their peer group via social media posts. Although you are sandwiched between two huge generations (Millennials and their parents the Boomers) Gen X'ers make up a third of the U.S. workforc

"Hustle beats talent, when talent doesn’t hustle

"Hustle beats talent, when talent doesn’t hustle." So many days spent hustling and nothing. Bad info, missing graphics, b-roll blows up, witness ghosts you, feed goes dead, blah blah blah and then it happens .... Your hustle gets you in the right place at the right time creating a great opportunity and you crush it. The piece gets picked up and goes national. Your competition calls it good luck but in reality, they were just out hustled. The audience doesn't see Abbey Jaymes spending hours sitting in a cold car, van, or truck editing and tracking for that 10 second piece of video. The photog is doing some heroic work throwing more elbows than Charles Barkley, hustling to get positioned for "

You're Approaching 40, It's Your Turn!

Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well? They have a common enemy. If you are a Gen X'er trapped between Millennials and Boomers you get it, but you also have a unique advantage. Gen X'ers make up a third of the U.S. workforce population and nearly 82% are either working or actively looking for work today. It shouldn't be a surprise then to note that two-thirds of our client portfolio is made up of these late 30's and 40' somethings. So, how you at 40 yrs uniquely advantaged .... 1. Consider how you leverage your unique position as a connector, the bridge. What this really means: You bring value in roles that rely on communication of change or strategy. Traditional broadcas

It's Easier To Build Strong Children Than Repair Broken Men

Our role as a manager, coach, mentor, or parent is critical because it is a significant factor in developing the EQ of our successors. How important is EQ? From TalentSmart: 90% of top performers have high EQ EQ is responsible for 58% of our job performance People with high EQ make ~ $30k more than their peers Failure is not an option. See the #fbf article below: "It's Easier To Build Strong Children Than It Is To Repair Broken Men" Published on November 3, 2019 As I was tossing and turning in bed during one of those sleepless nights I found myself thinking about my sons and their careers. What will they accomplish and how will they run their race? What do they need to know that you'll never

Winter Is Coming

If you are fortunate, it comes on like the gradual changing of the seasons. For our friends at iHeartMedia, ViacomCBS, Chicago Tribune, Spirit or Macy's it can come like a thief in the night. Winter is coming. We all need to be prepared for change in our career especially when we get blindsided by a reduction in force, closure, or sale of our companies, stations, or business units. We will all encounter Winter in our career and the one thing we can control is the severity and duration. There are three things critical to managing unanticipated change in our career: Career Toolbox: These are your skills, experience, and education. Everything you do today and completed yesterday is in some wa

Are You Likable?

When I have a client heading to an interview and there is one final coaching moment, I remind them to be 'likable' and it's not as easy as this seemingly common sense advice sounds. The stress of a station or site visit can throw us off our game. We over focus on content, making sure we can answer every possible behavioral question that could be asked. We forget that our ability to assimilate and interact with staff, clients, or draw audience is ultimately going to be factored into your hiring decision. This likability quotation can also be applied to your use of social media and your online presence. One of the greatest disappointments I face as a talent manager is my clients use of the 'f'

Age is just a number .....

Why I NEVER hire Millennials? Because I don't hire labels, I hire people and talent. So happens that many of the successful candidates just happen to be Millennial. How did this resilient and tech savvy generation become such a negative label? For example, a 2018 Forbes article took a deeper dive into why Millennials are not being promoted in the workforce. (The article was recently deleted) They didn't focus on the flattening of the org structure. The author offered the following five reasons: Unreasonable Expectations Unprofessional Dress Sloppy English Inappropriate Jokes Not Embracing Company Culture Not Developing "Professional" Skills Now if you've been around a couple years you might

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