Which Do You Put First, Career or Marriage?

The question, which do you put first, career or marriage? My answer: "When it comes to your career, walking with a partner in the dark and difficult times is better than walking alone in the light of your success." The reality is that they aren't mutually exclusive. My career took off because of the unconditional support of my partner and my marriage was enriched by the opportunities afforded to us by my career. Think about how they are ever-changing...... Career: I've had 18 different jobs across seven different companies and industries (she thinks I can't keep a job and loves it) Marriage: I tell her we've been married for one year, thirty five consecutive times. Relo's, jobs, kids, school

They Don't See Sunrises, They Wear Them

They don't see sunrises, they wear them. It's probably the most unnatural act ever. They intentionally set an alarm at 1:30 am to go stand in the dark waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. Although they have bills to pay like everyone else, they don't do it for the money (much less $$ than you think). It's passion and ambition that drive a new breed of reporter call MMJ's (multimedia journalist). They write, shoot, and edit their work, alone, in the dark, while we are all hitting the snooze button. As the business of News is changing and going more and more local to compete with digital content coming from virtually every mobile phone on the street, this role is where many of this m

All Great Leaders Share One Common and Highly Underrated Trait ....

Great leaders share one common and highly underrated trait, they are outstanding storytellers. Take a minute, recall the most dynamic leaders in your career. I bet their use of short stories and vivid examples was inspiring right? It's also one of the most common missing skills in the career toolbox of senior managers who are trying to move up but continue to find roadblocks in their way. They have a difficult time inspiring their teams to action and also gaining support at a peer level. Leaders must be effective at three levels in the organization (up, peer, down) to advance. Being a convincing storyteller is critical across all levels of an organization. Look, the old cliché "a picture is

Win the Game of Musical Anchor Chairs

from Mike McNamara / founder TalentBlvd October 18, 2019 Look to the chair on your left, now look to the chair on the right. Numbers say one of you will be gone in the next year. How can you make sure you win the game of career musical chairs? 1. If you wake up everyday thinking you are going to be discovered, you're not. Budget time to manage your career. Talent management is an investment not a part time job. 2. Make an assumption that everything you see is intentional. Become a better student. Be perpetually curious and intentional. Learn one thing new everyday. 3. There is a fork in the road ahead! You better identify multiple paths and contingencies. Your employer could be bought, acqui

Success is in the journey, not a destination

"Success is in the journey, not the destination" Two professionals can find themselves in the exact same place at very different points in careers. Their success is not defined by the chair they sit in today, it will be from what they do after sitting in it. The experience, skills, and the network you develop over the course of your journey will be what determine not only your current destination, but future destinations as well. For the early and mid career professional, ask any recruiter or talent acquisition professional what they are looking for in their next candidate and most will answer "SOS's". They are looking for a "Series of Successes". This is how you've used the journey to accum

Hey, The Unicorn You're Looking For Is Right Here!

Hey Recruiter, Talent Acquisition, VP/GM, News Director, the unicorn you're looking for is right here! Is the talent and performance management philosophy at your company "the grass is always greener?" Talent Acquisition should stop looking for a unicorn and take care of the talent they have right now. Churn is the enemy yet few outside of HR are focused on retaining talent. We fall victim to a 'grass is always greener' mindset. We discount our own people and elevate others we know much less about. What we should be doing is balancing the investment in our current talent with the effort required to onboard, train, and retain new talent. When it comes to performance management our first react

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