Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Welcome to self-isolation and life on a blue screen. Now is a great time to be reminded that those comparisons you are making are a bigger thief of your joy than this damn virus. The virus will pass, but the judgement made and the high bar that you set based on the fictional lives of others will forever leave you empty and dissatisfied. Listen, that grass isn't always greener over there, you just might need to start spending more time watering what you've got. In a recent eye opening client interview, a 28 year old expressed disappointment in her career progress. Her tone was heartbreaking actually. So with 30 yrs remaining in her career, she had concluded that she wasn't going to reach her

Now Is The Time To Invest In YOU and Not More Screen Time!

There is much unknown about what lies ahead and it's the unknown that fills us with fear. Two weeks ago we were passionate about our work and career. Now is not the time to become complacent about actively managing your career and miss time sensitive opportunity. There are dozens of reasons that you'll use to convince yourself that now is not the right time to focus on your next role or moving up. I've heard the reasons ....... "No one is hiring right now" "Things are crazy, I'm exhausted" "I had to set up a studio/office in my home" "I'm way too busy" Really? Go to your Apple screen time app for last couple weeks. Your screen time up? Where did that additional time come from? Know the expre

Talent Agents: What I Know and What You Need To Know

First, it's only fair to say that most of the calls I get from people complaining about their agent is rarely only the agent's fault. There is usually some disconnect in expectations. Next, I've never been only an agent nor do I aspire to be an agent. I run a full service talent management practice that also represents talent. This is not a 'tell-all' from an agent's perspective. Finally, this article isn't intended to minimize the hard work that agents do. It's a role that has some extreme highs and the lows of the Valley of Hell, all in the same week. What do I know about agents? Well, in the course of leading a talent management business, I have branded and packaged talent, pitched clien

Katy Temple joins as Senior Media Coach!

I'm thrilled to announce that Katy Temple has joined TalentBlvd in the role of Senior Media Coach. From her private practice, Katy has played an important role to the company's rising high profile media clients since 2016. As CEO of Katy Temple Media Coaching, Katy has leveraged 20 yrs of sports broadcasting to guide her clients be the best version of themselves on-camera and in person. She believes that great communication skills can empower change, launch careers, and will never go out of style. Always rising, Katy became the sideline reporter and host for the Atlanta Braves on Fox Sports South and spent her “off season” as a reporter for the NFL Network. In addition, Katy was the weekend

Leaders Are The Light, Not In The Light

A strong self-assured leader is like these studios lights, well placed but hidden. They cast light and bring complete clarity on the efforts and accomplishments of their teams and organizations. How does your team define leadership? When I sit down with team members and talk about their definition of leadership I predictably get many answers. If you listen closely, there is however one common denominator across all their replies. Visibility. It's simple, great leaders are always visible, available, and are fully present. Live, video, Hangout or teleconference. Presence. They also create visibility and lift up the work of their teams without having to be at the center or out in front. Just li

(Market) Size Doesn't Matter

Great careers take courage, not ego. Sometimes when you are trying to successfully navigate during difficult times, the best and maybe the only next step might be moving laterally, maybe even moving down market. It may seem like a step back or a career 'time out' but it can have significant benefits. 1. There are times when you just need clean air because of a toxic culture or poor management at a local or business unit level. Moving out from under what feels oppressive and holding you back can be like being born again. 2. Another lane is moving faster than the one you are in. It might be technology or industry or structure. Some organizations have more resource and opportunity because of st

Introducing Shannon Campbell, Style Consultant

I'm thrilled to announce that Shannon Campbell has joined TalentBlvd in the role of Senior Style Consultant. Shannon has instantly become an important advisor to the company's rising high profile media clients. Shannon has had a love for fashion her whole life and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduation, she worked in NYC as a fashion stylist at VH-1 and backstage at New York Fashion Week collaborating with designers Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrara, and Tommy Hilfiger. Her portfolio of corporate and media work includes the C-Suite at Fox News Channel and Ford Models. Today Shannon works as a Personal Style Consultant and spends her time between Arizona, Las Vegas,

TV News: The Future of the MMJ Journalist

I would bet that most j-school students and their parents didn't know that when they graduate their first year compensation will likely be not much more than minimum wage. If you are a Mizzou, ASU, or Syracuse grad it can be hard to believe and a very tough pill to swallow if you are saddled with $20k in student loan debt. Minimum wage in many urban cities in the US is pushing $13-$15+/hour. Multimedia Journalists who are accepting roles making $30k a year are earning the equivalent of $15/hour or less depending on their schedule and contract. This gets significantly reduced when: You aren't offered Clothing and Make-up allowances or they are only a fraction of what you need to spend, Most a

Cristina Mendonsa joins TalentBlvd!!

from Mike McNamara, founder TalentBlvd. March 4, 2020 ....... "I'm thrilled to announce that Cristina Mendonsa has joined TalentBlvd in the role of Senior Talent Advisor. She will play an instrumental role as a mentor and trusted advisor to the company's rising high profile media clients. ​ Cristina Mendonsa is an EMMY/Murrow award-winning multimedia journalist, producer, spokesperson, speaker, and educator with more than two decades of experience reporting and anchoring in top 20 markets. After amazing career chapters with CBS O&Os, Belo and Gannett/Tegna, Cristina pivoted to a position with the iHeartMedia group where she anchors for KFBK, the group’s number one news radio station. She als

Falling in Love with Monday Mornings!

It's another Monday morning. You couldn't sleep last night because you are thinking about the week ahead. You are basically miserable. You feel unappreciated, your manager doesn't have the tools, training, or resources to help you even if they would be so inclined. If you are being honest with yourself, it's probably time to start thinking career transition. A new position, company, even different industry. Maybe not a complete change but at a minimum, it's time for you to focus on something more rewarding and fulfilling before your spirit is completely crushed. There is literally nothing from stopping you from finding fulfillment except YOU. In fact, the reward you may be looking for isn't

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