Seven Figures podcast appearance: "Polishing that Resume"

Women (dudes too) concerned about their personal finances need to be doing a weekly check-in on Seven Figures with Sandy Waters. Her podcast is focused on making women financially confident through honest conversations with industry experts. Always thrilled to join the list of accomplished guests on her show like CBS Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger and SVP, RBC Financial Advisor Erica Cummings. Yesterday we were talking resume tips with her co-host Scott Spezzano. Find a link to her show below and another link to a resume resource tab on TalentBlvd here:

Look left, look right, one of you will be gone next year ........

Look to the chair on your left, now look to the chair on the right. Numbers say one of you will be gone in the next year due to attrition and missed ad revenue forecast. How can you make sure you win the game of career musical chairs? 1. If you wake up everyday thinking you are going to be discovered, you're not. Budget time to manage your career, it's an investment. 2. Make an assumption that everything you see is intentional. Become a better student. Be perpetually curious and intentional. Learn one new thing everyday. 3. There is a fork in the road ahead! You better identify multiple paths and contingencies. Your employer could be acquired, buy a competitor, or file bankruptcy. Are your s

Put Me In Coach!

While most are wrapping up a week with a Friday evening drink / meal, these ambitious multimedia pros are getting ready to grind to a 3 am Saturday wake-up call. They bring their A-game at the most obscene hours. Opportunity can be fickle and fleeting. It doesn't always present itself on your schedule. Playing time is hard to come by in this business. The number one compliant of clients is the lack of visibility and on-camera opportunity. I hear almost daily "if they would only give me chance ......." Everyday you ask the coach to put you in and when you finally get that chance you step up big and smile despite lack of sleep and resources that the A-Team gets on Monday afternoon at 5pm. You

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