New Beginnings with Palmira Perez

TalentBlvd just entered a whole new chapter. We're thrilled to have the incomparable Palmira Perez-Najarian joining us as Senior Media Advisor. She'll be a mentor and trusted advisor to founder Mike McNamara and the company's rising Latino media clients. Palmira is originally from Guadalajara and now resides in Southern California. She holds a law degree and was the national anchor for “MundoMax al Instante”. Her most recent role was main news anchor and reporter with Noticias Univision 14 KDTV at 6 PM. and 11 PM and won 5 Emmy Awards. ​She has produced specials such as “Senderos de Fe” (Trails of Faith) in Israel and “Los Secretos de Suleiman” (Suleiman’s Secrets) in Turkey as well as s

Falling In Love With Monday Morning

Apple, Facebook, Under Armour, Groupon, Twitter, and Spanx All started as side hustles. TalentBlvd was a hustle that originated from participation in a mentoring program. After his working his night shift at Atari, Steve Jobs' focus would shift to his passion, a little project that took place in his garage with buddy Steve Wozniak. I'm sure that while Sara Blakely was selling fax machines door to door, she couldn't wait to get back to designing what is now Spanx. This isn't a post about creating wealth or notoriety by building the next Facebook. This is about putting hope back into a career that might be weighed down by the roles we sometimes find ourselves in. It's also about insulating

Playing Time is Key!

It's weekends that you'll find the up and comers driving hard toward the next step 'up market' and these weekend warriors are no exception. They'll also be the ones working Friday evenings or holidays. They know playing time is key! How do they feel about getting up at 1:30 am on a Saturday morning. Go take a look at their social media and they aren't complaining, they're celebrating opportunity! Those reps at 6 am on Sunday or Friday at 11 pm are what make a 25 or 50 DMA jump possible. I chuckle when I see those Friday night TGIF posts and I'm thinking huh, sleep lightly because in 6 hours the young guns are coming after your seat. I'm not saying that we don't need some down time to r

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