The Life and Realities of Being a TV Reporter / MMJ

Once you see this you can't unsee this. This is the reality a recent J-School grad faces when starting out as a Top 75 market MMJ / Reporter in 2020. The world they need to be prepared for: 1. Even while trying to live within their means and they will find themselves further and further in debt. 2. Student loans and talent agent's commissions ensure they will live nearly at poverty level. They will pay an agent over the life of the contract more than they spend on food and dining out. 3. Lending institutions need to be partnering with educational institutions and looking at outcomes before burying them in debt. 4. Making skills and experience transferable to other opportunities wil

No such thing as the perfect reel ......

Your reel. It's not how perfectly it's created and assembled, it's how you make them feel after they've clicked on it. . We're frequently overheard telling clients that there is no such thing as a perfect demo reel BUT there is the perfect reel for them. It's about visually leveraging strengths and not about finding the best of our weaknesses. Keni Mac woke up one day and put together the perfect reel .... for her. If you have ever met her you know these few minutes capture who she is, not what she is. We all spend way too much time chasing perfect and forgetting about the audience. What your audience wants is not 8-10 minutes of footage that checks all the boxes. They want to feel you

Everything was great, then came COVID

You are 28-30 years old and you finally got a seat at the table, your opportunity to shine. Then comes the coronavirus pandemic and your contract is coming up to be renewed. Yikes! What you need to think about is .... perspective. In order to be successful over the next few months you'll need perspective and the last place you'll find it is in your friend's Facebook news feed and Instagram stories. You were 9 yrs old for 9/11. Even younger during the panic of Y2k. 15 for the Great Recession. People freaked. The predicted end of the world has come and gone many times. Three things I'll tell my clients today: 1. Slow down. Nothing is going to happen in the next ten minutes or ten hours

“I’ve Got A Dream That’s Worth Than My Sleep”

If you are being honest with yourself, it's probably time to start thinking career transition. A new position, company, even different industry. Maybe not a complete change but at a minimum, it's time for you to focus on something more rewarding and fulfilling before your spirit is completely crushed. There is literally nothing from stopping you from finding fulfillment except YOU. In fact, the reward you may be looking for isn't another full time role in an industry being crushed because of audience/client attrition or with a stodgy 1970's manufacturing company. Your reward might be your side hustle! You do have a side hustle right? All the cool kids have a side hustle these days. A side hu

Young. Hot. Cheap. It's A Hiring Strategy

It's a hiring strategy in many industries. In highly visible positions (broadcast TV news) every passing day can feel like the career hour glass. As we look for answers, we tend to focus on the systematic industry practices. These practices that propelled us at 25 (we called it 'opportunity' then) are working against us at 55 (now it's discrimination). It's not new right? In '89, 40 yr old mother of 3 Jane Pauley was replaced with 30 yr old Deborah Norville. Gender/age discrimination existed when we started our career and it's only slightly morphed over the past 30 yrs. It's wrong but management and audience continue to perpetuate the practice. There are 3 ways to help minimize the imp

Why I Never Hire Millennials .....

I NEVER hire Millennials. Because I hire for talent first and many of the successful candidates just happen to be Millennial. When did this resilient and tech savvy generation become a label with such a negative stigma? For example, a recent Forbes article took a deeper dive into why Millennials are being are not being promoted in the workforce. They didn't focus on the flattening of the org structure. The author offered the following five reasons: Unreasonable Expectations Unprofessional Dress Sloppy English, Inappropriate Jokes Not Embracing Company Culture Not Developing "Professional" Skills Now if you've been around a couple years you might think like I did ... "Boy, I know a lot of Bo

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