Which Do You Put First, Career or Marriage?

The question, which do you put first, career or marriage? My answer: "When it comes to your career, walking with a partner in the dark and difficult times is better than walking alone in the light of your success." The reality is that they aren't mutually exclusive. My career took off because of the unconditional support of my partner and my marriage was enriched by the opportunities afforded to us by my career. Think about how they are ever-changing...... Career: I've had 18 different jobs across seven different companies and industries (I'm sure she thought I couldn't keep a job) Marriage: We joke that we've been married for one year, thirty six times. Relo's, jobs, kids, school, etc. Our

You're Not Done, Today is Day One!

It's Friday afternoon. You are stunned. Your vocabulary now includes terms like 'Pay, No Play' 'COBRA' 'RIF' 'Reduction In Force' and you're presented a lengthy legal separation agreement with a deadline attached to it. You're Not Done, Today is Day One! The very first thing you should do might come as a surprise. Slow down. You need to slow everything down. Your natural reaction is a bit of panic and you start making phone calls, sending out emails, and pounding the "Easy Apply" button trying to replace what you've just perceived to have lost. The reality is that you're not ready, you're not properly packaged. Your reel and resume are stale, you don't have a 'reason for leaving statement' a

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny .....

180 came out of Meredith Corporation last week, appropriate to repost ....... "Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." Terrific C S Lewis quote but if you were just furloughed or part of a reduction in force, it hardly feels like extraordinary destiny is ahead. The loss of a job can be devastating. The panic sets in when you think about your ability to cover your financial obligations, especially if you have a young family to support. Your anxiety levels are off the charts, how the Hell do you find work and replace your income in the midst of a damn pandemic? You are searching for confirmation that everything is going to be OK but you see nothing that reass

The Perfect Media Resume To Open Doors In Your Career Transition!

Resumes and reels are the door openers in your career transition. Your body of work and the interview are what close the deal. This weekend is a great opportunity to focus on opening more doors. One of the strengths of our TalentBlvd clients is their door openers. They build strong reels and resumes, in particular, their resumes. We use an inexpensive $16 web based template available to you right now and represents a terrific investment in your career (there is a FREE option too!). You can find our preferred resume template on the Resource page at TalentBlvd.com. Membership to TalentBlvd.com is free and one sign up get you access to all our pages and resources, including the FREE MMJ Talent

Talent Agents: What I Know and What You Need To Know

First, it's only fair to say that most of the calls I get from people complaining about their agent is rarely only the agent's fault. There is usually some disconnect in expectations. Next, I've never been only an agent nor do I aspire to be an agent. I run a full service talent management practice that also represents talent. This is not a 'tell-all' from an agent's perspective. Finally, this article isn't intended to minimize the hard work that agents do. It's a role that has some extreme highs and the lows of the Valley of Hell, all in the same week. What do I know about agents? Well, in the course of leading a talent management business, I have branded and packaged talent, pitched clien

Opening The Right Doors In Your Career!

Doors - some you have to push, some you have to pull. It's exactly the same with your career and you need to be managing both. In order for you to create upward mobility in your career, the move up is going to require a keen sense of when to push or when to pull. Put talent aside for a moment, which doors and how you open them will determine if you ever make it to this chair! The push in your career comes from talent, ambition and initiative. Common sense says if you do a great job in your role and work hard that you will have an opportunity to move up or gain more responsibility right? The answer is maybe. One of the keys to the 'push' beyond exceptional job performance is that you are goin

Is Your Leader Casting Light?

A strong self-assured leader is like these studios lights, well placed but hidden. They cast light and bring complete clarity on the efforts and accomplishments of their teams and organizations. How does your team define leadership? When I sit down with team members and talk about their definition of leadership I predictably get many answers. If you listen closely, there is however one common denominator across all their replies. Visibility. It's simple, great leaders are always visible, available, and are fully present. Live, video, Hangout or teleconference. Presence. They also create visibility and lift up the work of their teams without having to be at the center or out in front. J

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