Game of Homes. Sweeps are Coming!

Game of Homes. Sweeps are Coming! Everyday there is another analyst or consultant weighing in on how local TV can survive. Forget about the station for a moment, how are YOU going to survive? Ever think about your employer as your competition? There are misaligned pieces in any industry supply chain and certainly local TV has it's share. For example the 1-2-3 year contracting model with the unintended consequences of increased churn, higher station payroll, and lower take home pay for talent. Survival for talent is dependent upon your ability to adapt, staying inside the industry while keeping one foot outside. Change is inevitable and being able to navigate and become timeless is key. Takin

Sometimes The Best Career Move Isn't Forward

Sometimes when you are trying to successfully navigate a career, the best and maybe the only next step, might be moving laterally. It may seem like a step back or a career 'time out' but it can have significant benefits. 1. There are times when you just need clean air because of a bad culture or senior managerial fit at a local or business unit level. Moving out from under what feels oppressive and holding you back can be like being born again. 2. Another lane is moving faster than the one you are in. It might be technology or industry or structure. Some organizations have more resource and opportunity because of strategic importance. It can also be about greater visibility or market positio

Half of You Will Be Leaving Your Job This Year. Are You Prepared Though?

Nearly half of the people reading this post will be leaving their job this year. It's not a question, industry data confirms it. The question however is are you prepared to do so? There are 5 things you need to be incorporating into your career planning process right now. They are: 1. Start to prep for the inevitable. Clean up your social media, focus on your references and network, construct a solid elevator pitch. 2. Write, Produce, Direct, and Promote the Movie “My Career” Focus on reels, resumes, profiles that tell the story. 3. Bigger the Base, the Taller your Career Pyramid. Start exploring cross functional experiences. Learn to write, edit, produce, or shoot. 4. You’ll Need Help. Star

The Greatest Immediate Threat To Your Career Is WFH

The greatest immediate threat to a successful career transition for the media/multimedia talent today isn't the actual virus or economy, it's working from home. Why? Having coached, mentored, and managed professionals in the midst of career transition for more than 10 years, the biggest stumbling block we face is current relevant content. Think about the challenge 'back in the day', it was the dreaded gap in the resume you had to address. Today when we take on new clients, this is one of the easier hurdle to get over. The greatest, and sometimes insurmountable hurdle is the lack of digital/HD content to build a resume or reel. Having watched a number of local anchor/reporter talents that hav

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