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We strive to provide our clients with personal services that will set them on the path to success. Since 2009, we have privately/confidentially helped hundreds clients who have seen the benefits of our hard work and expertise, and some have graciously shared their stories here.  We DO NOT build an image wall of clients as a trophy.  

Rebecca Fath 

Reporter | Videographer | Host | Digital Multimedia Journalist | Content Creator

Mike comes up a lot in conversation. Peers in the media industry usually ask, "What does he do? Is he an agent?" I respond by saying, "He's so much more than that. He's a mentor - a ray of sunshine - and a rock when you're trying to enhance your career." As a TV reporter with ten years in the industry, I found him - and it was like finding gold. He helped me build the confidence I needed to tweak my approach to my own life and career.


As a digital news reporter working through constant change, I often ask myself WWMD? What Would Mike Do? Because by trial and error, I learned he's usually right.


Mike will teach you how to trust your instinct while being reasonable through a sometimes unreasonable daily grind. It won't be hard to listen to him and learn from him, because he'll listen to you. He values people, in general, regardless of their career choices. He doesn't judge; he looks for solutions while making you laugh. What does Mike do? He makes you better. Period. 

I reached out to Mike with a couple of questions regarding some best practices around career management and personal branding. Not only did I get an almost immediate response but I also found him to be highly engaged, committed to answering my questions, but most importantly, personally interested in my near term success.


He challenged me to think about my 2020 strategy and helped me work through some challenging career decisions. I consider him a coach and mentor I can always ping without reservation as I take on the next steps in my career.

Drew Wilder

News Anchor at WWBT/NBC12 Raycom Media

Ashley Troutman

Host | Producer | On-Camera Personality | Content Creator | Spokesperson | Writer

The opportunity to work with Mike and the MBAR Group has revamped my entire career and given me the tools and inspiration necessary to garner success.


Mike is by far the best coach I have ever worked with; he asks questions that boost critical thinking and offers answers that will open your eyes to new opportunities. He's able to motivate in a way that will have you running to the top of the mountain you’re trying to climb, in the best way. The amount of passion he has for helping people is inspiring in itself, and the experience and insight he has to offer is priceless.


Mike is an exceptional human being and anyone lucky enough to work with him will quickly learn that.

Myrna (Davis) Brown

Writer/Producer/On-Air/Voice Over Talent

In 2012, I was nominated to participate in the Cox Enterprise's Mentoring Program and was very fortunate to have been paired with Mike as my mentor. Not only do we share many values important to me, but Mike created an environment that I could freely share my thoughts, challenges, and opportunities. He made an effort to go beyond the four walls of my professional career and helped me recognize my personal talents and encouraged me to pursue excellence beyond the frame I had originally created.


Today, he still finds the time to mentor all that approach him and he also continues to find time for me. I always look forward to connecting with Mike as my valued career partner and sharing not only my successes, but my challenges as well. Mike is honest and has a tremendous depth of insight. I am thankful our paths crossed and continue to intersect.

I began a career transition that included a move across the country as well as an opportunity to look at a number of new industries and roles. I was exploring ways to transfer the skills from my career in broadcast journalism.

I needed a coach to help frame my work in a way that would be relevant to prospective employers.


Mike was there when I reached out and quickly became a terrific sounding board. Mike has made my transition easier knowing I have an always approachable mentor just a call or email away.

Michael Kelly

Media/Communications Specialist | Storyteller | TV Anchor/Reporter | Emmy Award Winner

Sherry Dong

After following Mike's posts for a while, I asked a question for one of his article about career transitioning. He answered my question with precise points and examples.


I decided to reach out and ask more and we ended up having engaging discussions about my career. He shared tremendous amount of insights and advices with his industry expertise, and gave me courage to move forward. 

Mike is humble, approachable, engaging and insightful mentor who I will appreciate and value for many years. I strongly recommend people who seeks career advices to follow his posts, or start a conversation with him. You won't regret!

Marketing, Fisher Marantz Stone

Harvard Extension School