Your Brand, Timeless or Timed Out?

Your Brand, Timeless or Timed Out? You are probably measuring your brand equity by the number of followers you have or the 'likes' you get on Facebook or Instagram, right?

Certainly popularity is important in branding because it is a statement about your CURRENT relevancy but for those in the public eye like reporters/anchors, actors/actresses, musicians/singers/DJ's, or author and film makers, it can be very fleeting.

Branding for the business executive is probably the single most underdeveloped tool the their career toolbox. They have a tendency to rely solely on the quantitative (their P&L) and ignore the qualitative (engagement).

To build a Timeless Brand, consider managing the convergence of three important components:

Passion and Skills

Differentiators and Value Proposition

Audience and Targets

It is the Differentiators and Value Proposition where the heavy lifting is done and requires a tremendous amount of self awareness and objectivity. Today's #tbt challenge, are your differentiators sustainable and timeless?

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