Four Career Game Changers for 2018

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." The struggle is 'reel'. You are working hard but getting nowhere. You're discouraged. Slow down. Breath. Reflect.

First, reels and resumes are important door openers for sure but they are only part of what will help you land that big job. You know you are going to have interviews, writing or IQ tests, personality assessments, etc. You aren't a reel/resume. There is much much more.

There are four game changers to managing your career. They aren't a quick fix, they require an investment. They are:

1. Managing your Differentiators.

2. Love your Audience or Clients.

3. Build your Toolbox.

4. Becoming Timeless by being adaptable.

In the end, don't lose sight of making that perfect reel or resume (see 3 and 4 above) but remember that your career isn't a 4 minute commercial, it's a full length movie!

More on this #fbf topic in a Jan 3 2018 LinkedIn article here:

Quote: Winston Churchill

Image: Google search "reporter reel"

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