Ugh, it's Monday morning again .....

Ugh, it's Monday morning again ..... If you are being honest with yourself, it's time to start thinking career transition, a different industry. Consider starting with your hustle.

If you are in an industry in decline like; retail, higher education, or television broadcasting, you should consider taking control of your career the same way Steve Jobs did in the 70's.

I've found a side hustle can be helpful in two very important areas:

1. Gives you something positive to focus on if you find your day job to be a dead end road without compromising your current compensation. You can develop important transferable skills.

2. It might be the road map to the independence of self employment and financial freedom. I know this first hand. TalentBlvd was started as a side hustle. Other side hustles - Apple, Under Armour, Groupon, Etsy, and Instagram.

Today's #MondayMotivation article on side hustles can be found here:

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