Living in the Comfort Zone is the wrong Time Zone bruh!

If you are living in the Comfort Zone you're living in the wrong Time Zone bruh! "Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will." Your dreams will never materialize without action and casting aside fear/doubt.

Everyone dreams but it's the action that differentiates the accomplished from other people and the noise in our lives. Push 'pause' on the doubt button in your career and get started. Action is just one way to overcome doubt. Couple others:

1. Get comfortable with failure by adopting a lifestyle that rewards continuous improvement. There is so much to be learned from failure!

2. Work backwards from your goals closing the gaps as you go and understand the dependencies. Stay focused on the small victories that are dependent.

Find more on changing frames, conquering fear and overcoming doubt here:

#wednesdaywisdom quote: Suzy Kassem

photo cred: TalentBlvd / Mike McNamara

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