"Love always finds it way home....."

"Love always finds it way home....." Knowing that you have unconditional support as you fight the battles and slay the dragons in your career is absolutely priceless. A quick #tbt reflection of a career well lived....

I've moved my family 11 times across 5 states. I've had international assignments and away from home for weeks at a time. I've been promoted a lot. I've been sold, downsized, right sized, laid off, and fired. As I was thinking back on some of the biggest challenges, the many nearly catastrophic mistakes, and greatest accomplishments, I could easily pinpoint the role of my partner in all. It's almost like I had an unfair competitive advantage (and still do).

It's important to pay the forward that safety net or parachute to others that need to be challenged and feel supported. As a manager, mentor or coach, we need to allow those in our personal and professional lives to make mistakes, promote learning, and to celebrate their accomplishments. In return, the rewards (and learning) you will receive as a thought partner or mentor will be priceless.

Spend 20 minutes this weekend identifying who and how you can make a difference next week. Challenge issued!

Be Bold. Be Great. Be Timeless

quote and photo cred: TalentBlvd

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