Why I NEVER hire Millennials ......

I NEVER hire Millennials. Because I hire for talent first and many of the successful candidates just happen to be Millennial. When did this resilient and tech savvy generation become a label with such a negative stigma?

For example, a recent Forbes article took a deeper dive into why Millennials are being are not being promoted in the workforce. They didn't focus on the flattening of the org structure. The author offered the following five reasons:

Unreasonable Expectations

Unprofessional Dress

Sloppy English, Inappropriate Jokes

Not Embracing Company Culture

Not Developing "Professional" Skills

Now if you've been around a couple years you might think like I did ... "Boy, I know a lot of Boomers and Gen X's that fall into the same category." That's the problem with labels, especially those tied to age. I believe Millennials wear an unfair label of being truant in today's workforce.

Check out this #TuesdayTruth article titled: "Millennial: Generation or an Undeserved Label?

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