DO NOT send unsolicited sales pitches shortly after connecting. DO NOT hire an assistant to send unsolicited sales pitch on your behalf. Without question this practice is the biggest turn off on LinkedIn today.

Yesterday, a TV Host from a Texas market reached out to me to see if I or my presentation coaches needed on-camera media training. Odd. Find out it's not the TV Host, it's actually an assistant hired to blindly solicit clients on her behalf using the Host's profile.

Biggest lessons for all of us? Brand, Strategy, Execution, Patience (in that order).

1. Stop, think, strategize, build. The damage you can do by going off without a well thought-out plan can forever change your opportunities and trajectory.

2. Don't ever put put your brand and reputation in the hands of others you don't know well or don't that don't have the credentials, especially when interacting with those that could be important to your future network.

3. Your local on-air personality is not always transferable. It's a VERY crowded market. You need to differentiate and have a compelling value proposition. Replicating your salary is NOT that easy, it's a well orchestrated journey.

#TuesdayTruth and more info on going out on your own:

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