No longer making a living, I'm making a life!

What a difference a year can make in your career. I'm still working on Saturday mornings but my view and point of view has significantly changed. No longer making a living, I'm making a life.

Saturday mornings are made for reflection. Reflect on the week, the past year, maybe even the direction of your career. I think back to a Saturday morning in December 2009 when MBAR LLC was started or as my son Alex says "your hustle Dad". That hustle turned into the career main event but it took nearly 7 years before TalentBlvd was launched.

The GINORMOUS learning in this was when I saw ripples, then small waves in my career, I began to plan and lay the foundation.

On this Saturday, what are you doing about the ripples and waves you see in your career? What is going to be your hustle?

Check out a little bit more on why I believe a side hustle can play an important part in your long term career planning:

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