It's Not Recruiting, It's Networking ......

Although I'm not a recruiter, I frequently get search requests from Talent Acquisition, News Directors and VP/GM's looking for special or hard to find talent like Investigative Journalists and big market MMJ's. This past week I've run across both.

First, an investigative journalist that has incredible grit and perseverance, so much so that she recently secured financing then wrote, produced, and hosted a piece of work so well done it was just nominated for an Emmy.

It's a rare find, but I actually had a conversation this morning with a big market MMJ, 7-8 years experience that WANTS to be a MMJ, not looking to ever sit at an anchor desk. Passionately talked about shooting, editing and producing local content in a way that it was an amazing breath of fresh air.

Both contacted me because they are focused on leveraging their networks to continue to improve their craft, connect with influencers in the next chapter of their careers, and had some terrific questions about taking their game to the next level.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is not making ourselves vulnerable and building networks. Bravo to these two pro's to differentiate themselves ..... hint hint to my ND friends.

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