Having FriYays again might require some 'unlearning'

What happened to us? We were fearless in our careers. In fact, the greater the challenge and the bigger the leap, the more attractive. Then somewhere we learned about risk. It's time to do some 'unlearning'.

Most of us handcuff ourselves in two ways as we get further into our careers. We have learned to become risk adverse in both. One way we are painfully aware about and the other, maybe not so much.

1. We lose control because we get a taste of success, affluence, and we begin to live beyond our means. This completely changes and the "risk/ reward" equation. Funny, the larger the mortgage, car payment, or tuition bills, the more risk adverse we get.

2. We start to create frames and artificial boundaries for ourselves. When having personal ideation sessions with talent around branding, most have a very hard time extending their value proposition outside their current circle of industry and influence. Their frame kills opportunity before they even start.

See the irony in the above? We create frames around capacity and runway in our career but we lose framing around our personal finances. It is a vicious circle.

You want to have FriYays instead of Fridays? It might start with 'unlearning' what you know about risk and creating some new frames.

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