Morning morning, let's slay dragons!

Monday morning. It's dark. It's cold. It's lonely. You are up before the sun and heading to work. Some can't wait to get there. Some of us, meh. Rest of us, well not so much .... it's Monday morning, let's go slay dragons!

The tale of 4 Mondays:

1. You can't sleep. The insanity of responsibilities, bills, relationships, work environment, your career. It's estimated that HALF of us suffer from insomnia due to stress and anxiety.

2. You have no choice. It's your shift and have bills to pay. It's likely either the spring or winter of our careers. When early career, we charge forward. Late career, ugh.

3. You control your schedule, you get IN early so you can get OUT early and live your passions / dreams which definitely don't include your job. This job is a mean to an end.

4. You LOVE what you do. You're in a situation that you control your work/life balance. Yes, it's unhealthy but it's by choice because you are empowered and engaged. Here we go!

At 5 am after no sleep, it can be hard to hear this. Your company and manager can make all the difference in the world BUT they aren't responsible for why, or why not, you wake up Monday fired up to slay dragons. You own it and nothing is going to change until YOU DO!

We got this, time to own your career and YOUR Monday mornings!

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