"It's been one year......."

It's been one year. I woke up one morning in 2017 to the reality that I probably have less than 5,000 days left in my career to make difference and those precious days couldn't be wasted living someone else's dream.

Today you'll be walking down a hallway in the office and you'll say something like "morning Jim, how ya doing". What we frequently get back is "you know, I'm living the dream". No I don't know. What I always heard was "I'm miserable here and I've given up".

My question looking back at the past year is why aren't we working harder at A) defining what your dream really is, and B) working towards it? What are you willing to give up in exchange for an opportunity to pursue your dream? Maybe start with the "things" because "things" aren't dreams.

I gave up suits for t-shirts. I gave up tearing things (and people) apart for an opportunity to build and lift up. I gave up directives and orders for open doors. I gave up a sweet office and an assistant for a laptop and a less than cooperative virtual assistant named "Cortana". I gave up a predictable 40 hour a week J.O.B. and fat paycheck for a 24/7 hot mess.

I don't know exactly how I'll spend the next 5,000 days but I know how I'm going to make a difference today and that's a start.

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