I Spent 3 Days with 10 Millennials. This Is What I Learned About Our Future.........

I was honored to receive an invitation to my son's bachelor party last weekend. After spending three days with ten Millennial men, this is what I learned about our future:

The notion that Millennials are lazy or apathetic is way off target. Their level of seriousness was eye opening. I found myself one afternoon standing in a pool, beer in hand, cornered by a young entrepreneur drilling me with questions on biz strategy and planning.

I've often heard that this generation lacks focus and has a short attention span. I intently listened to a young man that left a Fortune 100 company after 3 years to pursue an lower paying opportunity in a completely different functional discipline to create a stronger career foundation. He's a 26 yrs old with a career plan!

Finally, Millennials have a reputation for their attachment to their phones and social media. I found this to be the biggest misnomer of all. Once this group got together the phones disappeared for the entire weekend.

So, there are lot's of opportunities across all generations - Boomers, X, and Millennials but I've never been as bullish about the future on a Monday morning as I am today.

Check out yesterday's LinkedIn article on Multi-Generational life hacks here:


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