Reels. Resumes. LinkedIn. Design is great but how they work is critical.....

Reels. Resumes. LinkedIn. How they look and their design is important but it's how they work for you that is the real differentiator. There are important hacks to all three that help open doors.

There is one very common and critical mistake we all make. We approach these career tools as historical documents, like an autobiography but think for a moment about their intent. They should be representing where you want to go not where you've been.

They also need to be fresh. Think about a freshness date on all of them. Once a month you should be sitting down and looking at your profiles, reels, and resumes with an objective and forward looking eye.

Here's are some quick tips, some hacks on constructing and using these tools as well as building a strong elevator pitch from an earlier article "Surviving and Industry in decline......":

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