Forget Market Size, Playing Time is Key!

If you are early in your career, playing time is the most important thing to look for in your next position. So many get this completely wrong by chasing the largest market or what looks like the biggest opportunity ......

When I was growing up and playing competitive team sports my Dad always made sure I wasn't sitting on the bench of the best team in the league. He pushed me to find teams that I actually got the most playing time, many times playing against the best team in the league. Without actual playing time on the field or court, you have limited skill development.

I content the same thing happens early in our careers. Sitting on the bench in a big market or large corporation is a great learning opportunity from a knowledge base but actual playing time, getting the max number of reps, can be key to building a skill based foundation you grow from. It might actually create a higher long term career trajectory!

Check out a recent article on topic titled "(Market) Size Doesn't Matter"

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