How do you make them feel?

It's not your experiences, it's not what you accomplish today, it's not the material things that you acquire. Your success and ultimately your legacy, will be determined by how you made people feel.

Think about your next interview for example. Your experiences and accomplishments are the table stakes that got you into the room. It's how you made the interviewer FEEL that will move you on or move you out. Words like confidence, professionalism, and likability won't be spoken, but they will be drivers behind the decision making.

Whether you are heading into that next staff meeting, hosting/emcee a charity event, or making a presentation at a conference, people will forget 95% of your content, they might even forget you, but they won't forget how they felt when they walked out of the room.

Today's #wednesdaywisdom is to to think about the emotions you elicit with your audience, peers, subordinates, or management team. What is your legacy?

Be Bold. Be Great. Be Timeless.

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