Should I Pay for LinkedIn Premium?

The answer to 'should I pay for LinkedIn Premium?' and the best #tbt 10 minute LinkedIn hack that increases visibility to your audience, improves your profile appearance, and it’s completely free.

Here's the hack:

Your headline will auto populate with your current job and employer. It's both aesthetic and functional. By using straight bars and spaces you can use keywords to increase your visibly in searches but it also can represent where you are headed, not where you are or have been. Check out this example:


Anchor at KVUE TV


Evening Anchor | Reporter | Managing Editor | Producer | Host | KVUE | FOX | ABC

In terms of LinkedIn Premium and the $30/month 'job seeker' price tag, the answer is ... it depends. If you are in a job transition, the answer is always YES. It gives you ability to InMail (reach people regardless of connection), enhanced search capabilities, and greater visibility to recruiters. Plus you can cancel anytime if you go month-to-month.

The only other reason to use Premium is for building your business via social media networking and it's gets expensive quick - $60/month. DO NOT pay for this option as a job seeker!

Check out more on Reels, Resumes, and LinkedIn in a recent blog post here:

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