Never Get Too Busy Making A Living That You Forget About Making A Life!

You can never let yourself get too busy making a living that you forget about making a life. You can miss the perfect role for you because you were head's down in a dead end job.

I encourage my clients to book themselves only to 75% capacity regardless of workload. We need the balance of time to keep our head up and to focus on our personal development, specifically our careers and professional networks. You can always dip into the 25% balance but if you don't intentionally block it, you'll never see it.

We need to spend that time in 3 areas:

1. Explore, develop, manage, adjust our career track

2. Practice continuous learning

3. Closing skill or resource gaps in our career plan

You may be thinking that your employer pays you for 100% of your time, aren't you stealing from them? The answer is NO. Your employer WANTS you to develop skills to move beyond. They will tell you it's YOUR responsibility to do so. Your career aspiration doesn't always mean you move on. It might mean moving up!

Can you imagine a role where you get paid to travel the world exploring people, places and culture while sampling some of the best adult beverages on the planet? Yes, it's a real job. Just ask Jack Maxwell. There's a man who used his 25% wisely! Why not you?

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