Just Say No!

We've talked about this right? You click this button and crickets, nothing. Statistically the odds of you landing a role through a blind application is less than 2%. If this is your career transition strategy, you're in trouble.

Two things are probably happening in your search to move up market, get promoted, or land a job after being in transition for weeks or months.

1. You aren't offered the opportunity to interview. You've applied for dozens of jobs and you hear nothing. Crickets.

2. You are 'one and out'. After the first interview or phone screen you follow up with the 'thank you' note/email but you never hear back. Crickets.

I recently had a hiring manager redirect me to have clients blindly apply online for that stations open roles. That's like literally putting your hopes of landing that job in your resume sitting in a pile of 1,500 others. If human eyes even look at it, the ave time a recruiter/HR spends on a resume is less than 17 secs!

Check out why The MBAR Group | TalentBlvd don't push the "Easy Apply" button and the 3 things you SHOULD be focused on: https://lnkd.in/eWaUxpg

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