Boy, being lucky is hard work.

Boy, being lucky is hard work. Putting yourself in the right place at the right time, followed by the recognition of an opportunity, and finally the ability to act on it, well it ain't easy work.

In terms of our careers, we generally aren't the beneficiaries of being lucky. The reality is that we are capitalizing on being great students and career managers. We are sometimes even said to have 'impeccable timing'.

Every day you walk into work and you KNOW the industry, the culture, or the management team are circling the drain. The question is, what are you doing about it? Do you act when you feel the tremors or are you waiting for the apocalyptic events ahead?

So having impeccable timing comes down to two very simple things:

1. Understanding the truth of the current situation.

2. Doing something about it, taking that first very big step.

I personally have been on both sides of this thing called 'luck' or 'impeccable timing' and I now understand this, being intentional about managing your current situation and career might just make you the luckiest person you know.

#TuesdayTruth article about recognizing the truth in your career and executing on it can be found here:

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