10 Signs That You're Going To Be Sold. and What You Should Be Doing Next!

Gray and Raycom, Sinclair and Tribune, Disney and Fox, AT&T and Time Warner, Meredith and Time Inc ...... 10 Signs That You're Going To Be Sold and What You Should Be Doing Next!

As a President of a mid-market company, I've been responsible for prepping organizations to be sold. I've found that there are 10 signs that are visible to you and they signal your organization is on the market. Spending cuts, vendor and supplier changes, trade show and marketing events cancelled are just a few.

Regardless of what management tells you, things will never be the same post acquisition. BUT, sometimes that's a good thing depending on the situation.

1. Product and services will still be sold and fulfilled.

2. The company will need to function and it needs people (you) to do so!

This might be an opportunity to:

1. Get a retention bonus to stay through the transaction.

2. Get a severance package to make that career transition you've wanted to make out of the industry.

So, what should your personal strategy be and what should you be doing immediately to get prepped for the inevitable change? Here's the #fbf article on topic:


As always, reach out and share your experiences or feel free to message me with a #career question or feedback.

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